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Best Place to Buy Ammo Cans, Seattle-Tacoma?

Discussion in 'Gear & Accessories' started by dan97526, Apr 29, 2011.

  1. dan97526

    dan97526 Grants Pass, OR/Centralia, WA Member

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    I need some 30 cal and some 50 cal ammo cans. What's the best place to buy them in the Seattle-Tacoma area? I've bought them at Surplus Arms, but I thought they were a bit spendy - and I hate going in there. I recall going by Nate's a year or so ago and they had a metric s***ton of them out front, but I don't recall the prices.


  2. Ought Six

    Ought Six Snoqualmie Valley area Active Member

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    The WAC gunshows at the fairground in Monroe and Puyallup are your best bet. They are available at surplus stores, but you will pay a heck of a lot more for them there. The gunshows are much cheaper (and a lot more fun).

    Washington Arms Collectors
  3. deadshot2

    deadshot2 NW Quadrant WA State Well-Known Member

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    I bought a couple at Sportco in Fife a couple of years ago. Prices weren't terrible and I could pick the ones I wanted. Prices may look good online but remember, you get what they ship and you have to pay freight.
  4. Rammit

    Rammit Bothel Member

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    Check craigslist or armslist, Theres usually some guys on there who buy them from the base at auction and have a TON of them in all sizes, In Co by ft carson theres a guy who has a whole warehouse full, he got them from the base and would sell them for less then 5$ if you bought a few, I think the fat 50s were like 6, paying 10$ at a surplus store just seemed stupid after that.