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I have been fortunate over the years and just happened to be there when a good deal came my way.

Old friend I ran with for a lot of years passed away and I helped his family with the estate. They gave me a 22 pistol of his I will cherish to my dying day.
Got an old JC Higgins 101.16 (Gill Gun) with factory scope for about $150.

Otherwise, everything I buy is lower than most people pay.

And then, I trade labor for guns so technically I haven't paid anything for some time for quite a few firearms..
Man I just missed a helluh deal on a glock 17 g4 on gunbroker Friday. It went for $252.

I had a bid on a different listing at a lower price so I didn't try for it at last minute. Meanwhile the one I bid on, a g5, went for $355 or higher, I stopped watching last 15 minutes, plus $50 shipping and a $30 ffl fee added by seller.

Next time I reckon.
I think my $39.99 Mauser 1914 with original holster I got in the Trump administration might be the best deal. I was looking for magazines and found a whole gun with magazine cheaper.
Mine was a like new Sig P232 with box, 2 mags night sights and nice holster for $325. I wish I still had that one.
I purchased a Sig 232 stainless box three mags and papers for $350 this was about 8 years ago from a Portland officer still have it and would not consider letting it go .
I value firearms differently than just money. Sure if times get tough, and they have, I'll sell some and get what I can for them so I can make a mortgage payment or whatever. But I don't buy guns with the thought of making money on them, well other that as test fixtures for my ammo business but that's not what we are talking about here. Back on subject, Most of my "Best Deals" weren't that special at the time but that time was almost 50 years ago. I bought a H&R 088 Topper 12ga for $49.99 from K-Mart. I bought a Ruger Blaqckhawk in 45 Colt for $169.00. I bought 3 1911 kits from Springfield armory for $69.00 each. I bought a Huskivarna 6.5 Swede calvery carbine for $80.00 out of a crate. All worth much more in todays dollars than I paid back in the day. Before anyone asks I have none of those first few anymore. Today what I feel are the best value are the ones I get the most joy out of by shooting, loading for and tinkering on. Lately that has been my CZ 223 bolt gun, my 45-70, my .357 GP-100, Redhawk 44 Mag, Browning 1911-380 and today my Rock Island 38 Super. The actual value will be determined by my boys when I pass on. They are the ones to get the "Best Deal".

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