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Best caliber for Bigfoot?

You always see threads on bear defense calibers, but never any on Bigfoot defense calibers...

I'm thinking for a 7' to 9' humanoid weighing 400 to 600lbs, 10mm definitely as a minimum.


@PNWguy - you should definitely submit this a s a suggested seminar at the next Big Foot convention. I happened to stumble through such an event in the past year - there are MANY true believers out there :cool:
I've seen some BIG piles of scat.
Bear was first thought, but a dinner plate circumference, BIG flute diameter, and piled near a foot high, every hair on my body was at attention, not to mention I was extremely alert IF it was a bear.

We quietly got the hell out of there.
We (my buddy and I) found piles like that another time in the same valley.

Mark W.

OH buddy I sure wouldn't want to kill a Big Foot you would have the Animal rights people filling the street around your house calling for a non racially motivated lynching. Not to mention the income potential for a live one is so much more. Either way your going to need a very expensive lawyer to fight the law suit the Big foots lawyer will be sending your way.



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