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Best Buy screwed me out of $2500

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by t.huynh, Mar 25, 2015.

  1. t.huynh

    t.huynh vancouver, wa Active Member

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    So, Ive been in dispute with best buy for a TV that I purchased for 2500 dollars. When we took it home that night and plugged it in the panel was already damaged. I took it back the next day and the manager rudely said this was our fault and he would not be accepting our return. I have tried contacting my credit card to dispute it, but, they have sided with Best Buy twice now. I am extremely irritated at this whole situation. The TV has been sitting in the best buy store for the last 3 months now. I'm all out of options at this point. I've called corporate, they said theres nothing they can do. American express says theres nothing they can do.:mad::mad:
  2. Sstrand

    Sstrand La Grande OR Well-Known Member

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    Look at the bright side . . . there is nothing on TV worth watching anyway . . .

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  3. NONAME762

    NONAME762 Nowheresville Active Member

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    Were that to happen to me I would be livid! This is one time being poor has advantages.
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  4. bolus

    bolus Portland Well-Known Member 2015 Volunteer 2016 Volunteer

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    sorry to hear that. pretty common issue with best buy and why I have not shopped there for like 10 years. If I did I would have them open the box while I was there just because I dont trust them at all. They need to follow Radio shack into the Abyss.
  5. Jabba

    Jabba Oregon Member

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    Small claims court, you represent themselves, and they can't send a lawyer. Just depends on if the judge believes you or not.
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  6. jmurray192

    jmurray192 wilsonville oregon Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    Yep never buy from best buy haven't for a long time
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  7. BoonDocks36

    BoonDocks36 Oregon, in the boondocks Christian. Conservative. Male.

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    Best Buy, sorry about that.... I stopped using them, a decade Plus ago... I will not even use them to Compare Prices, I like them so much, :mad:

    Small Claims court, yes on that.

    AMMEX, I stopped my card with them the month they Double billed me, and said I did it!!!! See above about being poor.... I was asked to "Predate a Check", and I Said:

    1. It is against My Ethics, to predate checks, you get my Money, when I have it in the bank.

    2. I told them to REMOVE & not store my Account data....

    3. I told them I would Pay, on a certain Date, and did, end of day, two Billings for same amount. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

    I have noticed that the news states AMMEX, is having financial troubles now... So I can see why they would not stand behind you, they would have to fight best buy....


    philip :confused:
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  8. mrblond

    mrblond Salem OR Well-Known Member

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    Crap like this is why If I ever buy another TV, its going to be from Costco.
  9. PiratePast40

    PiratePast40 Willamette Valley Well-Known Member

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    Daughter had the same issue with a TV. They even bought the extended warranty. Took two months to get it resolved and the Best Buy people were pretty much jerks. The repair person kept skipping out on the appointments but the store manager didn't care. They finally got a new replacement, but Best Buy was pretty demeaning and their extended warranty was cancelled as soon as they took possession of the new TV.

    Not only will I not buy from them, I've learned to ask about warranties. Need to make sure they aren't "one and done" deals.
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  10. NONAME762

    NONAME762 Nowheresville Active Member

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    I did buy my current TV from Costco in 2010 around Veterans Day. Been happy with it too. Mine is a Vizio and came from factory WITH speakers. Many of the new HD TVs don't you know.

    I am not real fond of BB either. I had my pc looked at/serviced/repaired at BB and seriously am not convinced they know what they're doing or that they're honest and above board. I try not to go there except to buy a video game or new CD for the truck.
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  11. boogerhook

    boogerhook Seattle Well-Known Member

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    I would check both the Amex purchase insurance (I think Gold and Platinum cards have some sort of warranty which is different from contesting a purchase). Same with your homeowners insurance. We once lost our luggage, and the airline gave us $100, the rest came from Amex and our Homeowners. That was 15 years ago, so maybe it's all different now. You could also contact the manufacturer of the TV set and tell them about your experience. They have no obligations, but they might offer you replacement at cost - which is much cheaper than buying another one.
  12. filsonhand

    filsonhand In the Silicon Forest Smooth as a Rhino 2015 Volunteer 2016 Volunteer

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    Does the manufacturers warranty cover this ?? or is there physical damage to TV from shipping ??
  13. NONAME762

    NONAME762 Nowheresville Active Member

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    Any chance Better Business Bureau could help you out? Failing that Small Claims Court sounds like your last alternative.
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  14. Classic

    Classic Federal Way WA Well-Known Member

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    I totally know where you are coming from! In 2007 I bought a 1 terabyte external hard drive for like $600 from them and loaded it with 500+ gig of music that a friend had on a couple computers. The hard drive worked 3 times... I brought it back and asked for a new hard drive AND I wanted the Geek Sqwad to transfer the data to the new drive. Management told me that would cost an additional $300! I said "so you will give me another hard drive but I have to pay you $300 to transfer the data from the faulty drive that YOU SOLD ME to the new drive?
    At this point I told everyone I knew I Boeing. I also watched their stock drop like a rock but somehow they recovered about a year ago.
    THEY ARE CROOKED AS H_LL and anyone who spends money there should expect to be F.....HOSED
    Sorry guy, that is and incredibly unscrupulous company:mad:
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  15. jbett98

    jbett98 NW Oregon Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    My wife and daughter decide one day that we need a new tv in the living room.
    They end up buying one from Best Buy because it's $25.00 cheaper then everyone else.
    First time it's turned on, the screen glows green for 30 seconds then colors up.
    I called Visio (the manufacturer) about it and they ask me to turn on the set, then hit the input button.
    If the green screen is still there, then it's the tv set, not the antennae cable.
    They tell me to return it to Best Buy.
    I return it stating that Visio said it was defective and they gave me a product recall # that would it back it up.
    They refused to listen to me and they unpacked the tv and hooked it up to a dvd machine, and of course it worked perfectly.
    I demanded that they hook it up to an over the air antennae and check again.
    Sure enough, after a lot of eye rolling and exasperated sighs, they dragged out a little table top antennae and it turned green in front of three asst managers.
    They wanted to give me an in store credit. "No way, just cash like my wife paid for it".
    They reimbursed me $525.00 with $5 and $10 bills.
    I told them that I would never come back and they couldn't care less.
  16. NONAME762

    NONAME762 Nowheresville Active Member

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    Wow what a bunch of Jackwagons they got at BB.

    Some folks I know on another website say gnarly stuff about Costco-that they're anti gun and stuff. But after being a member there off and on since the 80s I don't recall ever having to return anything. What's more pals from other states have said some of their stores are posted w/GFZ signs. I've never seen a GFZ sign in Burlington. I like shopping there pretty much and will continue to shop there as my budget allows. Beats the alternative which is WM.

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  17. Greenbug

    Greenbug Bend Well-Known Member

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    No more BB for me either, bunch of low life scheisters.
    14 day return policy, COME ON!
    If you look closely at the bottom of every best buy receipt after the return policy and junk it says go F yourself sucker.

    Really hate that store!
  18. d2the3

    d2the3 Eugene, Oregon Well-Known Member

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    I feel your pain and would be Super F'n Pissed. That being said I had a good experience there a few years ago when the screen of the laptop I type to you now on was broken after being shot with an air soft gun.:oops: We had the whatever warranty they sold us upon purchase (so glad!!) and they replaced the screen, Free! And the whole ordeal from start to finish only took 8 days, I was impressed!

    I didn't tell them I shot the computer with an air soft gun though. I told them it was a lego that got closed in it and blamed my child that I still don't have as that seemed more responsible!! HAHAHA
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2015
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  19. CoastRange57

    CoastRange57 Western Oregon Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    $ 2,500 for a TV ?? Hope it had a gold plated remote for that price. That is like loaning money to people, never loan or spend more than you are willing to lose.

    I have a 52 VIZIO tv that was about $ 400 three years ago. When it goes gunny bag I will buy one even cheaper than that now, and I will pay hard cash for it. Bought it at a local appliance store in business for over 50 years, know the people who run it. By my computers from a local store, great service and price.

    If I wanted to buy something at Best Screw or one of those other places, I would have to go to Beaverton, and I don't do that unless forced too.
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  20. NONAME762

    NONAME762 Nowheresville Active Member

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    What a Stumblebum you are D2The3!! JK