Best boots..? Opinions?

Curious as to your thoughts about boots, for whatever purpose - please specify.

I figured start a thread about it, but I do have one question that is hopefully answered here - What do you think are the best waterproof military-style/military-use boots?
CAT Salvo 6" :) Will last a life time. Very comfortable right out of the box, as well. Waterproof, but I wore them all last summer with no heat problems.
I avoid steal toe boots. As a mechanic, if a car rolls over my foot and happens to bend the steel, my foot stays crushed! -GOOD- boots like the Salvo will keep your toes safe from heavy falling objects, without the use of steel. These I recommend for daily wear and work.

Waterproof military boots leave one option; Jump boots. With the iraq war, there's not much worth while development of anything else. Desert boots are very comfortable, and the right pair are semi-water proof. But a good pair of Gortex socks will make even Jungle boots waterproof!

Danner is probably your best bet for a military-style boot. Altama also gains a lot of praise, but I find them to be uncomfortable, personally.

Jungle Boots get GREAT traction offroad. Especially when you're walking over terrain that has no path. Ripple sole (Shark Teeth) work great in sand. And mud, but won't do good in non-muddy areas.
I've been a long time Danner user. In fact I basically live in them. I wear black the uninsulated Acadias on the range for 3 seasons and the 400 weight
Acadia insulated one season in the late fall to early spring. I also have one pair of "hunting" Danners with the BOB sole I wear strictly for hunting or for winter wilderness training. The BOB is the best sole for traction in the mud, snow, leaves I've ever isn't any good for daily wear but is ideal off road.

Once a pair is about 1/2 to 2/3rds worn then they go into my "woods-bug out" bag and are relegated to a secondary role as my wilderness only-bug out boots. I want them well broke in but not shot! If I have to hump 25 miles home because the car is broke or we have an emergency then I want well seasoned boots that still have plenty of life in them.

I've worn the Made in China Danners with the non-sewn vulcanized soles for "in town" wear and their fine but will never wear them in the woods again as they are not dependable. I also have one pair of Merrel's because everybody raved about them. I must concur they are great....they felt broke in the minute I wore them and the wife likes her....BUT my feet are soaking wet from my own persperation. They lack Gore Tex and do not have the same breathing property of Danner's.

Some of the guys at OFA wear the 5.11 boots but I'm hard core Danner even though I can get the 5.11 at dealer cost thru OFA. Once I find something that works I generally don't change. Guess that explains why I've been married to the same women for 33 years!
I've been a long time Danner user.

+1 on the Danner's. I have a pair of their tall Tillamook firefighter boots that I wear when working outside on our property. They are extremely comfortable, rugged, and easy on the feet on rough terrain. They wear like iron. I also have a pair of their Sharptail chucka boots that I wear around town. Danner's are a little expensive but I believe they are the best out there and well worth the price. They have sales at their factory store every now and then which brings the cost down considerably.
I have worked const. most of my life I have tried the red wings decent boot no real complaints but only last 6-7 month of work can be rebuilt but all they doo is replace the sole , went to the Danner again nice comfortable boot well made lots of diff. cuts and designs lasted about a year I never had those rebuilt I dont know how danner rebuilds them , then I got a a pair of Wesco boots " Job master" I think is the name these were the hardest to break in thickest leather but lasted for almost 2 years you can send them back to be rebuilt and they replace everything except the tounge and upper leather portion these are the only heavy work boots I buy now its been over 10yrs that I have been wearing them I have a pair sitting here waiting to be sent off for rebuilding. Now that I spend most of my time driving I wear a lighter boot most days I think they are Catepillar boots nice wide boot for light duty stuff. Plus they are a NW company scappose OR.


Danner and Bates

both very comfortable offer a wide range of sizes water proof (if you get the gortex) i prefer them over wearing shoes

If you go Danner Go with the US Oregon made ones i have tried the US and China made ones and IMO the quality is noticable

if you are on a budget i like the bates for a foreign made boot it has lasted a long time too bad it can't be resoled the soles on mine are wearing thin but the leather is still good and they are 3 yr old boots

Natty Bumpo

White's from Spokane for heavy, study boots. It's what the professionals wear in the woods. White's also deals in some other decent brands that are a little cheaper if their prices gag you.

For lightweight moccasin type boots, Russell's from Wisconsin are light and comfortable.
I'm on my 3rd pair of Danners....2nd Rainforest, love them....I wasn't able to have my last pair resoled :)( ) or I'd still be wearing them.

They are the most comfortable boot I have found ( for me anyway ).
-GOOD- boots like the Salvo will keep your toes safe from heavy falling objects, without the use of steel. These I recommend for daily wear and work.

Where are these boots normally carried? I have never seen them. They sound interesting, as I am an electrician and alot of job sites like to enforce the steel toed boot rule but for electricians its a very bad idea. So I would like to have something without steel but a good toe support.
I've had and still wear the Danner china hiking boot for construction work and they have done well for the price . I did Get a new pair of danners a month ago 10" frontier 600grain boots and the broke in fast and are warm but I think I caught the toe on something and the sole started to seperate . Took them back yesterday and they gave me a new pair of boots :s0155:. While I was there I bought a pair of 6" telson black tactical boots w/gortex and with the 20% sale they came to $89.59 . I still have a old pair of Danner loggers that need resoled but at $90 to resole the boots it's just better to buy new .
This was asked on another forum sometime ago and by a wide margin Meindl "Perfekt Hunters" was mentioned. So I bought a pair out of Cabelas as they are made in Germany. They do have a comfort edge over my Danner elk hunters.
Adidas <broken link removed> Classic Tactical Boots.

Adidas GSG-9 Tactical Boots
Tony "TRB" Phillips
Commisioned by, and named for, the German GSG-9 anti-terrorist group, the Adidas- made GSG-9 Tactical boot can be assumed to be some of the finest footwear in the world.

I think that assumption is 100% valid.

I ordered my GSG-9s from Botach Tactical. You can find them on the web at Unfortunately for the bigfoots out there, the largest size available is 14. My large foot is right on the edge. My size 14s arrived in doubled cardboard boxes, one a shipping box, the other an unassuming Adidas athletic shoebox like the ones you can find at your local Foot Locker. Initially, I was unimpressed at their appearance. They are, appropriately, all black, with a minimal effort at styling. They aren't totally plain and smooth, though. The toe has a wrap around of slightly fuzzy material, and the sides are trimmed with extra layers of leather, forming a diagonal pattern of stripes. The soles are hard rubber, as is the point of the toe. The pattern of the soles is like rubber cleats. The sides are constructed of soft, supple black leather. Laces are a very secure flat design. The interior of the boot is leather, of course, with a padded support for your foot on the bottom.

I wore them for a week to break them in. In the beginning, they were tight, and some- what unforgiving. However, eventually the newness wore off, and they settled in to become very comfortable. This is a highly notable feature. This is not only the most comfortable pair of boots, of any kind, I've worn, they are also the most comfortable shoe I've ever worn, of any type, period. They have excellent arch and ankle support, are highly breathable, and are water resistant.

Tactically, they are also excellent. The aforementioned cleat-like sole offers excellent traction on all terrain, and footsteps at anything less than an out-and-out run are virtually silent. The combination of traction and ankle support makes them a very stable platform to shoot from. While the toe isn't steel, the hard rubber of the toe extends high enough to give protection to the toes in a soccer-style kick.

I would wholeheartedly recommend the GSG-9 boot not just to the tactically-oriented, but to anyone looking for a high-quality, very supportive athletic shoe. It carries a high price tag (about $200), but then, I've paid almost that much for much lower quality footwear. You get what you pay for, and in my opinion, with the GSG-9s you get that and more.

GSG 9.2:


I am on my seventh pair of Danner Super Rain Forests, I've tried all the "other" brands of PREMIUM boots (Premium=not something you buy from Walmart). The Danner SRF are the absolute tops! If you are on your feet all day why not spend a little $ to be comfortable? P.S.-just picked up a new pair of Danner Recon (USA built) 200 gr off of Craigslist-VERY comfortable!


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