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Best .22 semi-auto for a 14 y.o. girl

With a novice shooter I would avoid ALL of the "new" 22 pistols with a full slide, They all seem to be ammo sensitive and extremely vulnerable to limp wristing whitch I see as almost guaranteed by a young shooter. I would get a half slide pistol like a BuckMark or a Ruger "Luger", S&W makes one as do many others. These 22's seem to be willing to eat any ammo and accurately. The only down side is cleaning them. I have never seen a new shooter enjoy a constantly jamming gun.
Not one single issue with my sr22 shooting nothing but Remington thunderbolts.
One nice thing about the gun is the replaceable grips that come with it.


I have NEVER had any problems with my SR22s. They both shoot any ammo I feed them, even stuff I find under my truck seat that was there for who knows how long. My 12 year old daughter loves her pink SR22. and has gotten very accurate with it.
I have NEVER had any problems with my SR22s. They both shoot any ammo I feed them, even stuff I find under my truck seat that was there for who knows how long. My 12 year old daughter loves her pink SR22. and has gotten very accurate with it.
It's funny how that works. I know of about 7 or eight of these in the hands of various friends and family. One (Walther I think) functions perfect other ones all are Very sensitive and a couple are down right a pain in the rump. They definitely seem to improve with use.
save any headaches and go with the SR22, shoots any ammo, shoots ammo you found on your floorboard, any grain, any power , very accurate, very customizable grip,

rick benjamin

.22 Rimfire Challenge
Saturday, January 23, 2016 | 8:00am - 5:00pm
4 pistol stages, 4 rifle stages - all .22lr. Each stage has 5-7 steel targets set from 20-60' pistol and 20-105' rifle. Each stage is shot 5x and your score is your cumulative best 4 times.
Awards given out for Overall Champion, Top Pistol, Top Rifle, Top Lady and Top Youth shooters. Lunch and raffle included.

Cost is $5 per gun for members and $7.50 per gun for non-members.

Fast and fun. No special equipment necessary - eye and ear protection, a pistol, a rifle and about 300 rounds of ammunition.

We use the NSSF Rimfire rules: <broken link removed>

More Info: http://www.douglasridge.org/rimfire_challenge.html
My granddaughter, a young adult, loves the SR-22 that I got for her! I like it too!
I recommend it wholeheartedly! I'd also recommend starting her out with your Ruger Hunter off sand bags, that's what I'd advise with any .22 that you purchase, give her some immediate success! You can teach her safety, the mechanics of weapons handling and about shooting good groups without dealing with the weight of the pistol. End of lesson, let her plink some cans and things!

BTW, The GD's SR-22 runs like a champ! :D
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Honestly ever 22 semi-auto I've shot will jam up, which brings me to: Why an auto and not a revolver? Not that you can get a Ruger Bearcat with adjustable sights, I think that is the perfect beginner handgun with its smaller grip.
If it doesn't have to be semi auto, the Bearcat is perfect.

Capn Jack

Why not do what I did with my wife. Take her down to the local gun shop and let her pick out the one she likes. Be sure she can pull the slide back. :rolleyes:
My wife liked a mini-9, so I also bought a .22 adapter for her to practice with.:D
You can always buy something she loves now and not worry about what she'll love later. If she's like everyone else, she'll want another soon anyway.
That's a good point. None of mine have identical features and I love them all for exactly what they are. You/she can certainly buy others. I know I do.

But just to add another "what if"...

A threaded barrel is always fun.
I'll throw one more into the mix....my 10yr old daughter loves her Beretta NEOS....she tried my buckmark and ruger..neither of those fit her hand as well as the berretta....I put a little sight mark red dot on it and she is a pop can shooting machine....they are pretty cheap too


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