Bersa Thunder .380ACP Matte Black for Bersa Thunder DuoTone

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by mpperales, Jul 31, 2012.

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    Looking to trade my new Bersa Thunder .380ACP in Matte Black....never had one round through it. Includes the original box, safety key, test casing and all paperwork.

    I am looking for a Duotone Bersa Thunder .380ACP in new, LNIB or VERY good condition... I prefer the Duotone with the Nickle slide and the black frame...I think it is called the duotone "Reverse"....maybe SOMEONE bought the Duotone and said "DAMN! I should have bought the Matte Black!!!" :)

    OR...I could trade you my black slide for your nickel slide...and we both have a Duotone!

    PDX Metro please...Will through an MTM Pistol Case and a box of PDX-1 95gr JHP (Bersa's are sold in a box) if we make a trade..

    Stock picture for the Bersa .380 Thunder everywhere...the one I am offering is brand new - purchased last weekend at the gun show...and I compromised and should have looked harder for the Duotone!

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