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I really hate to do this, but I've gone back to Glocks for carry and goes...

In the interest of full disclosure I did have some problems with this pistol when I first got it. It would routinely fail to eject and try to double feed. A thorough cleaning and some good ammo and the problem went away. From what I can tell this pistol likes to be clean, lightly oiled, and run with good ammo. The last time I took it out I ran cheap Walmart Federal Champion through it ($19.99/100) and it shot those 100 rounds fine. It doesn't like Remington UMC or Winchester white box. It seems to like American Eagle. I haven't contacted the factory or anything, I just went out and rashly bought a Glock.

I wanted this to be my perfect carry gun, but I have a habit of being lazy with cleaning sometimes so it just won't work for me.

All that being said, imagine a Glock and a Kahr had a baby. That's what you get with this pistol. It's about the same weight as a Glock 19, but it's the thinnest pistol I've ever put my hands on. The controls are well placed and POI=POA for me. The reset it the shortest and most pronounced I've seen, and shooting fast is VERY easy. The pistol comes with 2 eight round magazines, original box and papers, and a Tagua IWB holster.

As for trades I'm looking for another Glock, a 19/23 Advantage Arms conversion, a .22lr pistol, AR15 upper. Price is $300 firm. Feel free to make an offer, the worst I can say is no.

Shown with an Officer's sized 1911 for relative size.




If I didn't already have one I'd take it. Mine has been trouble free after 200 rounds. These are incredibly thin and easily hid in an IWB holster. I even carry mine tucked when I'm in work clothes.ans you'd.never know. The barrel is polygonally rifled like glocks and upscale kahrs and it holds 8+1 rounds. The machining is excellent. Best buy I ever made. Go for it. That's a great price.

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