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WTS/WTT OR Beretta storm .40

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Traded to Jim

I really like texting, not phone calls. 503 2o9 1288

I'm not great with pm but I will try.
Original owner, bought many years ago, this was the first one i saw for sale when they were newly released....idk what year that was...
It's .40sw and I am gonna guess 300 rounds total. Maybe 4 shooting outings over the years. I just shoot the ar and ak more often.
Comes with four 12 round factory Beretta mags. Has the optional full length top rail and one short side rail.
I added this really slick 2mag holder, that kinda improves cheek weld.
Currently in Lefty eject configuration, but this is like a 5 minute swap that can be done during field strip and required no special parts. So Rightys don't despair.

I have the nice factory case with the booklet.
There seems to be a faint amount of closet wear along barrel, Not sure.
I put wtt even though that's not really my preference, just because I'm afraid I will hear from owners of Lorcin 25's etc....lol
Not gonna be very interested in many trades so please don't be thin skinned if I don't bite.
I will try to reply at least, as I hate being ignored too...
Guys who don't low ball me can expect the mags to come loaded with good stuff.

Nothing ar15 pls...we have those

Guns I am saving up for:
XdM in 10mm (I have two of every other caliber so just 10mm pls)
S&w 1066
Night Guard 386
S&w pc 945-1
M1a scout (only)
Not limited to these and cash on hand to make up the difference. Also willing to combine this with my handgun posts in the unlikely case someone wanted two of my items
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