Beretta PX4 Sub-compact .40

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by Bill L, Jan 27, 2014.

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    This spring I'm going to be picking up a daily carry weapon. Have tried a number of different pistols, and for what ever reason the PX4 sub-compact fits my little kinder-hands well, and seems to naturally target and track very well for me. That said, I have some concerns, and am looking for some input. (No, I haven't shot one of these yet...but depending I plan to take a rental for a spin)

    1) The ambidextrous safety on the slide sticks out quite a bit and seems like it would bite into your side or spine depending on the holster. Does it?

    2) It seems like with an FTE/FTF the protruding safeties could tear up your hand if you were trying to quickly clear it. Does it?

    3) I notice that a lot of people had them on this site and sold them. Is there a particular reason why?

    4) (Bonus question) How does the sub-compact absorb the recoil of a hot .40

  2. Nick Burkhardt

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    I have a Full Size Px4 Storm so I can only answer about the "bat ear" safeties. Yes they stick out too much for inside waistband carry. I have never had an FTE/FTF or any other stoppage in nearly 1000 rounds. If you can find one, Beretta makes a "C" model constant trigger without a safety.
  3. John Gault

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    I like this gun also but haven't put it to the top of the buy list yet. Hoping you get some responses. :eatpop:
  4. HKUSP40

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    I had my hands on the 40 sub compact, and ended up buying the 9mm. Perhaps I should have went with the 40 because the 9mm I bought is at Beretta as we speak and they are going to accuracy test it because it shot so far low and left. I wish they'd hurry up, it's been there a month and they have not even touched it yet.
    The gun is damn nice in the hand....that's why I bought it. I don't find the ambi controls to be ideal for a carry gun, but I don't think they will cause any problems really.
    I see quite a few of these guns used in gun cases at various shops, but every one I have seen is a used 9mm not a 40. Every time I see one used I wonder if it's got the same accuracy issue mine does....??
    But anyway, I bought the gun because it felt good, it's small and I like small pistols, it's polymer and I highly prefer polymer guns, and I was counting on what I thought I knew about Beretta quality control. This one shot reliably it just doesn't shoot straight. Once they fix it, or do whatever they will do to it, I doubt I'll keep's already put a bad taste in my mouth.

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