WTS/WTT OR Beretta px4 Storm 45 acp

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    Beretta px4 Storm 45 acp full size
    Semi auto pistol
    Black slide black frame
    Factory sights
    2 mags
    Previous owner tried to ajust the rear sight so I has a couple of punch marks -never bothered me but it may bother some people
    Other than that the pistol is in very good condition
    I don't have the factory case for it but I do have a plano case

    I will try and get pictures uploaded after work today'

    I really would just like to trade this pistol for a 9mm pistol
    But I know somebody will ask me a cash price so $400 cash

    Top of my trade list would be -

    Beretta 92
    Sig 226
    Glock 19/17/26
    Cz 75
    Browning HP
    Cz 83
    Walther p99
    Walther pp
    Beretta 84
    Makarov .380

    Or make an offer although I'm mostly interested in trading for a 9mm
    Pistol I'll consider .40 caliber too and .380
    I'm not really interested in 45 as I have too many already.

    Beaverton OR
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    James, I sent a private message. Thx.

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