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I just got a berretta neos u22. The slide on it is tough. It's not just difficult to rack back. It takes quite a bit of pulling and all of the sudden it pops back? I am used to my rugers and glocks where the slide has some resistance but none were as hard as this 22 beretta! I don't get it.

Have anyone had this problem with the neos before? the gun is brand new and i don't mind the slide but my wife is not happy because she struggles with it. Maybe it'll be better once i get a few hundred rounds through it as well as a cleaning.
Sounds like the slide and frame are a bit too tight...but without seeing it for myself though I can't say for sure.

Does this only do it while loading and unloading, or does it do it unloaded (dry) as well? What about when the magazine is in or out of it?

This gun shouldn't be that hard rack the slide...have you had any problems with the function? Any malfunctions (i.e. failure to eject, failure to feed, failure to extract) on the range?
Sounds like the slide fit, or, there's some galling. Strip it down and look at that channel carefully, better yet under a small magnifier. Look for what looks like small balls or streaks with a ball at the end.

I'm assuming you cleaned it and greased it.
Run the rails WET with some FP-10. Racking the slide back and forth a bunch of times. Field strip it. CLEAN well and LUBE WELL again. ( I would use gun oil such as FP-10)
Run it wet with LUBE for awhile to help flush out any grit or debris that may be there. Check the rails for burrs or ruff spots. A light sanding with 1000 grit wet sand paper in and on the rails may help. Remember to clean it well.
I am not a smith. This is only my opinion on this and what you do is up to you. This is what I have done to MY PERSONAL guns in the past and have had good luck.
If you are not comfortable with working on this your self, then I will recommend taking it down to a GOOD Gun smith and talk with them.
Good luck with this,. :)
I cleaned and lubed it when i bought it. I have also dry fired it as well with and without the mag inserted. So the slide doesn't give at first and it seems like when you pull hard enough it just slides back. it's not a progressive sliding motion like the other pistols i have. I am thinking that i just need to get some rounds through it and go through my normal breaking in process of shooting and cleaning. This is my wife's gun and she's having a hard time getting used to it. Once it's cocked the slide is really smooth and easy to pull on. After the dry firing it goes back to being hard on the inital pull.
Do not dry fire a rimfire weapon, as a general rule, unless you have practice rounds in the chamber. It can make a mess of the firing pin.

If the slide racks properly when cocked, it isn't the grease/gall problem. There's a problem with the cocking mechanism.

I also bought my wife a Neos.

The slide wasn't hard to rack back but was difficult to get the last little bit so that it would lock back. Cleaned it and put a few hundered jrounds through it and everything seems to be fine now. It still takes a little extra tug to actually lock it back but nothing terribly difficult.

She likes it, shoots it well, and still thinks it's easy to clean (as long as I'm doing the cleaning :))

Hope it all works out for you.
Sounds like you need to lube the hammer assembly. the portion of the hammer that comes into contact with the slide (as the slide is coming back to re-cock hammer and place another round into battery) could use some love... polishing. If the gun is new you can either return it, attempt repairs yourself or take to a gunsmith for polish/refurb.

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