Beretta Nano and the Clackamas PSTC

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    Quick take on the Nano and the PSTC..


    1) Little more recoil than the average 9mm...9mm does not have much to begin with but it let you know it was there.

    2) Used the mandatory range ammo - 124gr Blazer in the cheap aluminum casing. 100 rounds. One FTE at about 60 rounds in. Had to eject mag to clear the jam. This was the one and only problem I had. The few double taps I did yielded no FTE or FTF problems... Cheap ammo?

    3) Took me a bit to get the hang of this pistol. I was about 3-4" low and 3-4" to the left. Adjust the night sights and took my time and found the sweet spot. Was shooting 2" groups in the inner ring (rings is about 6" in diameter on my targets...) at 7-8 yrds. A few fliers but overall I can safely say this pistol is more accurate than I am...


    1) Nice range but expensive. $16 lane fees and the ammo was $16.00 a box...but I caved and will be buying the prorated membership next trip. Will cost be around $130 through NEXT July - as long as I buy after 10-1-12 and shoot that day...make sense? :laugh: If I figure in gas driving out to BFE...the price jump in ammo is a moot point..

    2) Nice guys, easy to talk to range officer, and overall fun experience. Beats going to the woods with the crazies and wasting all that gas. I am about 8 minutes from the PSTC starting 10-15-12.

    3) Nice rental selection. $10 for members and $12 non-members. Lots of Sigs, Glocks, Springfields, wheelguns etc...

    Over all I had a great night....:thumbup:

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