Beretta Model 948 Made 1951

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    This is a unique little pocket pistol from the long established firm of P.Beretta, and is maked Gadone V.T. The Serial # is 009981N. This finish is a solid 90% with most of the wear concentrated in the font grip area and back strap. This little jewel locks up tight and is a pleasure to shoot. The plastic or Bakelite grips are perfect with no cracks or damage. It weighs approximately 18 ounces so could be a nice carry piece loaded with 22 Stinger or other high performance 22LR ammo. The prices on gunbroker are in the 400 with reerve still unmet. All the serial number match. The bore is nice and shiny and doent look like it has been shot much. The price includes a oft case and clip. I am using a poor camera lost mine or stolen. Price is 325.


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