Beretta Mod 92FS 9mm Parabellum w/Hogue grips and two holsters

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    This ad is for a used Baretta Model 92FS 9mm Parabellum with comfortable Hogue rubber grip, two 15 rd magazines, one shoulder holster, and a Safariland tactical drop holster (right leg) which is hard and has a spring loaded thumb lock.

    Photos available here: NWFirearms Slideshow by JMILICH | Photobucket

    The pistol is in good condition, all parts are tight and it fires like a champion. Pistol has a clean history and comes with the two magazines with are military grade.

    I am looking for a total of $750 for the package, although I am willing to make a deal on the parts individually. I will consider some partial cash, partial trades. Please feel free to email me or send me a message for more information.

    Thanks for considering.

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