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    I'm putting this up for trade. I have wanted a Beretta 92 since I was 14 and took my first handgun class and got to shoot one there. I finally got one a week or two ago in a trade/sale deal. It is a U.S. Made model marked M9, not 92. It looks brandnew.I've been carrying it daily since I got it and have shoot like 5 mag through it. It is smoother and more accurate than any other gun I have shoot or played with. It really impressed me. The ONLY thing I will trade for is a 3rd gen Glock, prefere a G19. No .357SIGs. I do not want to sell this, unless you want to give me 550 for it so I can buy a Glock. This damn economy has gotten to me and I'm down to one handgun right now, and just want a Glock again so I can put a light on the rail for next to the bed at home. I won't have a problem with just keeping this either. It comes with 4, 15rd mags, a Blackhawk SERPA holster, and a Galco SOB holster which works great for CC. It has Houge grips and a upgraded guide rod. Have all stock parts too. Here are the calibers I'm interested in, in order. 9mm, 10mm, .45, .40. Ide also look at a sigwith a rail, in one of those calibers. I can not send pics, but will do my best to meet with you so you can see it. It looks new.
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    Do you have the original box and paperwork?
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    I have a little problem guys, didn't do any research when I threw up the price of 550, now I find out its worth more than that. Don't want to be the A-Hole we all hate that raises his price, but I don't want to get taken...I do have paperwork, with warranty card, but no box.
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    It is SPF now. Thanks.

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