Beretta M9

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    *Must be able to meet in King or Snohomish County WA. No, I will not transactions through the mail, and no I will not drive across half of Washington to meet you.*

    Pistol has approximately 400 rounds through it. As you can see from the pictures it's in good shape. It's mechanically and cosmetically in great condition. Comes with 5 mags (2 Beretta 15-round mags, 2 Mec-gar 20-round mags, and 1 Beretta 30-round mag.) Also comes with 2 holsters, one Galco belt holster and one Blackhawk Serpa paddle holster. Also has a pair of VZ grips on it which make the total grip width narrower and more comfortable for those with smaller hands. I have somewhat larger hands and these grips feel great to me too. Any white/silver on the gun in the pictures are just specks of dust, and isn't a spot where the finish was damaged or blemished. Just putting this out there to fish for trade offers, will put cash price up if/when I need to.

    Trade interests: Compact 1911s, alloy-framed Sigs in 9mm or .45, CZ pistols, Ruger and S&W pre-lock revolvers, AKs in any caliber, plain-jane AR15 (sights must be included, would prefer a rifle with a standard pinned fsb), Mini-14/30, other intermediate-caliber semiauto rifles. Also willing to trade down for a decent inexpensive carry-sized 9mm + cash. Mostly interested in 1911s, 5.56 or 7.62x39 rifles/carbines, other 9mm pistols. The only bolt gun I'm interested in is a Mossberg MVP, and the only lever guns I'm interested in are Henry Big Boys and Winchester 94's in .357, .45lc, and .44 magnum. That being said, I'm open to all firearm offers, so feel free to offer anything even if it isn't listed.




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    I have a West German Sig p226 with Hogue Extreme g-10 grips and night sights, with some additional accessories if required.
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    Interested in trading for an M&P Shield 9, with a stippled grip. Also comes with 2 mags (8 and 7 rds), and IWB holster. Less than 100 rds through it?
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