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    Hello! I discovered that I have ALOT more M9 magazines than I actually need... I have around 12-14 mags to sell.
    A few brands in the mix

    Around 10-15rd CMI/Airtronic magazines (LE/Military marked) ~$20
    2 or 3-15rd Beretta magazines (LE/Military marked) ~$30

    Love all trades, I always find a reason for wanting something I will never use.

    Specifically interested in Hornady L-N-L press, some Hornady dies, shellholders, bullets, powder. Will add cash or random stuff as necessary.

    Please note I currently do not have any reloading equipment so im starting from scratch!

    Pics by text!
    Number is 5039137765 (please don't troll and write my number in a bathroom stall with "for a good time call")

    located in northwest portland

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