WTT OR beretta 96d 40 cal with extras

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    Was a government use gun, dosnt look like It was used much, looks and fires great. Has night sites installed, comes with 3 11 round mags and some ammo, the amount of ammo will depend on the trade. Open to alot of trades the ones I'm most interested in would be a tec 9 or one like it like a masterpiece arms in 9 or 45, ar in a caliber other than 556/223 or 22lr, Ak preferably an under or side folder but fullsize and pistol style are fine, sig, cz, fn, glock preferably but not limited to a long slide , 1911 or other 45 just no compact 45s, other semi auto rifles. Just let me know what you have and we will go from there open to alot of trades. 20160714_161336.jpg
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