Beretta 92FS or S&W M&P

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by kamaaina1, Jan 22, 2015.

  1. kamaaina1


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    Hello Gang!
    Well, it's been a while. Still loving my Springfield 1911's. Thinking about adding another handgun to the collection. Debating between the Beretta 92FS or the S&W M&P. Basically would be a range & back up home defense pistol. Which would you go with, and why? Or has this comparison been beat to death?
    My Springfield Range Officer .45ACP & EMP 9mm
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  2. d2the3

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    Beretta! If its just a range toy/night stand gun, I feel its a way better pick. I love plastic guns for carry but if I wasn't gonna carry it I'd take the long bulky 92 all day. Its the pistol I shoot the most accurate.
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  3. slimer13

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    Like asking apples or uranium
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  4. B5Ben

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    I too would go with the 92, but honestly, I prefer the taurus version due to the frame mounted de-cocker/safety rather than slide mounted safety. I just feel like it's in a more natural position for me.
  5. hker71

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    I'll throw everything off and say go with the M&P. Just point and shoot for the M&P. No manual safety to mess with. Light too. I just found the Beretta to be to big and bulky. Just my two cents.

    By the way, beautiful Springfield pistols!
  6. Mr. Ben

    Mr. Ben
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    If you're not going to carry it, go with the Beretta.

    Wilson Combat can do a conversion to make the safety a de-cocker instead of a safety/de-cocker if the slide mount safety bothers you.
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  7. clearconscience

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    I would go with a Beretta. I had a 92FS and it's one of the only firearms I regret getting rid of. I love my Glocks, but that Beretta is timeless. Throw some hogue grips on it and it makes a great range/truck gun.

    The M&Ps are great looking pistols, I like the shield for carrying and almost bought one, but went with a G26 instead, then a 34 and 17 and they all take the same mags.

    And I used to carry my Beretta all the time. Not as easy to conceal but I managed.
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  8. bruzer

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    I would go with the S&W M&P because of the consistent trigger pull and a safety that will not require any additional training to master. Two issues I see with the Beretta 92fs is the Double Action first pull then Single Action. It can take some training to get used to. And the slide mount safety/de-cocker. Going from one of the best triggers in your 1911 to DA/SA and a slide mount safety/de-cocker of the 92fs is a completely different platform. Of coarse with training it can be overcome. I will say the 92fs has proven itself as one tough pistol so if you need a proven pistol with lots of track record the 92fs would be an excellent choice but not one I would choose to back-up my 1911. At one of the practical pistol classes we put our pistols down on a table in front of us. The drill was move to your right and pick up your neighbors pistol and fire two rounds. You only had a few seconds to do this. There were 1911's, Glock's, M&P's, XD's and one Cougar (It is DA/SA and has the slide mount safety/de-cocker. It is like a Beretta 92fs but a compact) Many had trouble with the Cougar. Not disengaging the safety/de-cocker because moving the lever down engages it (opposite from a 1911). That allows you to pull the trigger but nothings happens. Then you think you don't have a round chambered or a dud so you rack the slide and notice a live round has been ejected across the floor. Times up so you look and see that the lever has to be swept in an upward motion with your thumb. This is backwards from that 1911 you love so much. Those are my thoughts.
    May our lives glorify God,
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  9. Gunguy45

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    I love my 92FS. the first time I had it out at the range I was shooting apples with it at 25 yards. Just a great fun.

    I also love my M&P. My suggestion? Get both:)
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  10. usagi

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    why does it have to be one or the other?

    but i'd take a CZ-75 over the 92fs.
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  11. blackadder

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    92 is way to close to the M9 which I hate with fiery passion. I carry a full size M&P and absolutely love it. Having said that, shoot them both. Whichever one you get, practice dryfire drills for 15-30min per day for a month, then at least a couple times a week after that. If you can't decide, go with the M&P, it will take much less time to train up to the same level of proficiency than the 92. Also I hate Berettas, did I mention that?
  12. salmonriverjohn

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    The 92 would get the nod from me. For what your asking of it I believe you won't be disappointed.

    Having said that, I have both it and the Taurus, both are great but the Taurus offers a life time guarantee, although I've had no issues with either.
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  13. Stomper

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    I've had an Italian made 92F since '87 during my Army days in Germany. I even carried it concealed when on PSD duty, and when I got back home to Oregon after I left the service.

    I EDC a Glock-30 now, but still love love that Beretta and will never part with it. It'd do fine for what you stated.

    I've never handled an M&P, so it would come down to you handling them both, maybe even trying them at the range first, then go with your preference. I hear the M&P trigger feels "spongy" because of how it "flexes" which may be off-putting to some, but there's an aftermarket upgrade for that.

    As for the DA/SA difference in the 92, Wilson Combat makes a "short pull" trigger that just about eliminates the differences in travel distance between DA/SA. I'm seriously considering sending my 92 to them for that, a G-model conversion to low-profile decocker only, and have them refinish the poor thing from all the holster wear... but then again holster wear/patina adds character.

    I'm waiting to see how Yankee Marshall's turns out first.
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  14. mkwerx

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    M&P - hands down. If this is going to be a range queen and back up HD gun - I'd spring for the M&P Pro CORE 5" gun - better trigger, longer barrel, and it's got the slide cut to accept most pistol red dots if you choose to mount one (and a cover plate in case you don't).
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  15. Ttuck

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    Having recently purchased a M&P shield and put 500 rounds through it out of the box without cleaning it one bit after the initial purchase i vote the M&P. I also second the CZ-75, Best damn handgun i own IMO. It eats everything i give it and asks for more.
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  16. Sgt Nambu

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    I like them both but my hands down choice is the Beretta! Beretta just builds a fine machine! It's a pleasure to handle, shoot and dry fire! As long as I wasn't going to carry it much it would have to be the 92.
    That said shoot/handle them both! A pistol that is a dream to point and operate for me may be a nightmare for you! SRG
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  17. DSAPT9

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    Here is the problem I found. I used to shoot competition with a smith 659 9mm with the same type of safety as the Beretta and a 1911 in 45.

    After shooting a couple stages with the Smith 659 where the safety is down for safe and up for fire then going to the 1911 that is down for fire and up for safe it screwed me up trying to push the safety the wrong direction and I lost time switching between guns.

    So now go to the real world and you shoot the Beretta all week end then stuff your 1911 in your holster for carry and something bad happens are you going to remember which direction the safety works or get killed trying to remember.

    I do not have a problem with the gun just be careful of that fact. At least with the Smith M&P you can pretend to work the safety and it doesn’t matter it will still work when you pull the trigger.
  18. BlindedByScience

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    I've got a Springfield 'Operator', a Beretta 92FS, and three Glocks in the safe. All are fantastic guns, all are worthy and serve a purpose.

    Hard to argue with the 92FS as they are fantastic weapons. Only thing I'd consider is if you may want to carry it someday, you might consider a poly gun instead. You can carry the 92FS, but they are big and relatively heavy. The Glock(s) are my usual carry pieces, I like them a lot. If the M&P is your poly pistol choice, I'd give it some real consideration. Bottom line is that you need them all, someday.......:p
  19. etrain16

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    I have good things to say about both. If I'm never going to carry it, I'd go with the Beretta. The M&P is a great pistol, but if you don't need to save on weight, why not have a beautiful metal beauty? My carry choice is an M&P, BTW. Oh, and the mags for the Beretta are certainly less expensive, as little as 1/2 that of the M&P mags.
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