Beretta 92fs lnib made in Italy lower price

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    525obo Only signs of wear are the faint marks on barrel showing the slide has been pulled back a few times. 30 rounds down the tube and comes with factory hard case, cleaning kit, 2 15 round mags. Beautiful gun and though I am looking for a heavier gun for the wife I went overboard on this bad boy. I love it but do not have the room for it as I need to find her that gun that fits just right without much recoil. This gun is in amazing condition and compared to all my poly guns of course it feels like a pee shooter. Unfortunately however much I like it the wife considers it a very pretty brick that she does not like having to hold up for a long period of time..per the low round count. Oh well at least I got to fire one of these finally and loved its accuracy and tiny recoil. Built like a tank.
    I will consider a nice handgun caliber carbine as I am trying hard to find something that fits her just right. Otherwise my shield is up for trade NIB and this I prefer to sell as these are not cheap tools unless you send me a trade offer I cannot refuse. I would consider a Beretta 92 compact, a cz 75 compact, beretta 84 plus, Browning BDA 380, depending on what you have. High end reliable metal frame with a good grip, decent capacity, and heavy enough to let her shoot with ease, light enough she does not feel like she is holding a brick....Man I wish I had the room in the safe/extra cash to keep this one as I love it. For some reason I cannot upload the other pic but the other side is just as clean and new looking as the side in the pic..I will figure out how to get the pic up. 525 obo

    Will look at lesser valued guns with cash added if they meet the criteria above. Just throw what you have out there and we may be able to work out a deal.
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