WTS/WTT WA Beretta 1301 Competition 21" 3-Gun Ready

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    I'm way too bored for my own good so this is now being relisted as trade fodder.

    For sale, Beretta 1301 Competition 21" barrel. 150 rounds through it (all 7½ shot, except 3 painful slugs)

    If you’re not familiar with the 1301, Beretta claims it’s the fastest cycling semi-auto shotgun on the market @ 4 rounds per second. It’s a light rifle that was put together with 3-gun in mind, but would also make one wicked home defense weapon.

    Bought it, took it to a 3-gun match and took it out for a jack-rabbit hunt. Now it sits in my safe because I'm a pansy who prefers a 20 gauge.

    Good condition. It runs like a champ!

    Has tube extension and ghost ring (fiber optic) sight.

    Includes stock tube spring and butt stock spacers (allows you to adjust length of pull).

    $750 cash, Buyer pays transfer.

    $800 trade value.
    Things on my hot list are:
    CZ 75B or SP-01
    Tanfoglio Witness Elite
    Beretta CX4 Carbine or other pistol caliber carbine.
    S&W 686 4"
    S&W 66
    S&W 460 (I know I'll regret it, but I need to own one at some point in my life)
    Nightforce optic
    Anything Israeli
    XM193 or XM855
    Let me know what you got. I'm bored this time of year...

    503-504-6280 (Cell, I’m in Vancouver)

    20151104_182035 (1280x720).jpg

    20151104_182107 (1280x720).jpg

    20151104_182158 (1280x720).jpg

    20151104_182325 (1280x720).jpg

    20151104_182339 (1280x720).jpg
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