Benneli MR1 in 5.56 Anybody own one?

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by accurateone, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. accurateone

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    I haven't seen a review that was very deep, and nothing about accuracy.
    Has any one here put one through it's paces? Would love to heart your opinions.
    Thx. A:)1
  2. John Clum

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    Reviving this old thread just cause I'm wondering the same thing. Consider the question bumped.
  3. Creeper

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    Old? Yeah, I'd say it's pretty old.

    Up front I'll say... if Benelli could have produced a semi-auto AR-70/90 in the US for the US market... man, they could have sold tens of thousands of them. But instead, we get the MR-1.

    Unlike the AR, there are very few accessories, if you're left handed you'll get hit in the mug with brass, the iron sights are a PITA because they get in the way of mounting a scope low on the gun and you end up either removing the irons on having your cheek really high on the buttstock, they can be super magazine sensitive... and finally, they don't look "milspec'ish" enough. :laugh: If you're familiar with Benelli shotguns... that's where they stole the PG stock from.

    I worked in a shop where one hung on the wall for over a year while the AKs, ARs, SCARS, AUGS and ACRs surrounding it were moving.
    In fact, I stopped off a few days ago for some 1911 parts, and guess what? It's still there! When all the overpriced tack-ti-cool guns are gone, some poor schmuck is going to buy it for $500 over MSRP... thinking he's scored.

    Have I shot one extensively? Yes. Would I buy one at full retail? No. Would I buy one if I was "gun ban desperate", there were no ARs to be had and pay a premium over retail? No.

    They ain't a 'bad' gun... they are actually very well made... it is a Benelli after all. They just don't cover all the potential use bases like an AR or even an AK does.


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