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Benelli vs Vepr


  • Benelli

  • Vepr

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So just looking for opinions and any glaring reasons to go one over the other. Looking at a Vepr 12, the tactical pistol grip version, not the thumbhole wood stock, vs a Benelli M3 semi auto.

Which would you choose and why?

The Vepr is cheaper, but I fear by the time i stockpile mags and add stock and forend and stuff ill be into it more. However said mags are a huge advantage.
I've heard that the 12 ga box mag Saigas make the shells in the magazine kinda square if left in there for a while.. so I'd not have one a those "huge advantages".

Wombat of Doom

I own a Vepr 12. I would recommend a modded ALG FCG and the bonesteel folding stock is solid. (I have an ALG trigger and bonesteel on both of my Veprs) I hear if you insert mags with the lrbho engaged, shells won't square off with the box mags. You would however, have to hit the cocking lever to chamber a shell that way. Mine will visibly square the first round in a month or so, with box magazine fully loaded on a closed bolt but it still chambered just fine. YMMV


Fellow member has a Tromix converted Saiga listed here now at a fair price. You should buy his & see how you like running it. Re-list it, if you find it is not a system that will work for you.

Have several M1 Super 90’s & really like them.

Had a Saiga - 12 (unconverted), which we liked, however wouldn’t cycle light loads.

Thinking that some modifications and a conversion would have helped with that, but didn’t want to spend the time doing so. So traded it off, with full disclosure to the other party.
As an old man, I can, and have, shot my Benelli Ethos all day long without a sore shoulder. Something I could not say with my Weatherby or Remington 870. It is noticeably better balanced than the Remington and lighter than both. And, I don't have to pump it!
Don't know Vepr.



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