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Benelli H20 Nova sale or trade for 223 or?

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by codeman583, Nov 29, 2009.

  1. codeman583

    codeman583 Central OR Member

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    nice gun in near perfect condition. $540+ new.

    $450 FTF in and around Roseburg OR.

    also intereststed in other calibers, and 1911's glocks, XDm's and or? 9mm or 45.

    looking to trade this off on a .223 bolt action gun preferably with a scope. I can ad cash and enough 12 ga ammo to tear up your shoulder if need be.

    prefer a good walking coyote gun, not a bull barrelled benchrest gun. I would prefer a hogue stocked model 700 if at all possible, or a savage synthetic or? for the undervalued guns I would want to see cash or ammo to make a trade worthwhile as well.

    if you have a handgun or other shotguns I am interested in them as well... in General I like things that go bang.

    Thanks, and above all make an offer, worst I can say is no thanks....

  2. magnum

    magnum Springfield American....'nuff said

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    pm sent
  3. StanwoodSpartan

    StanwoodSpartan Stanwood, WA Member

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    IS this the only barrel you have??
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