Benchrest Matches At Kenmore Gun Range

Discussion in 'Competitive Shooting' started by pjohnson8168, Oct 14, 2014.

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    I have been playing with the idea of getting into benchrest shooting and possibly participating in the benchrest matches at Kenmore when they begin in March (this would allow me to get plenty of practice in and equipment ready).

    As I understand it there is factory and customs classes, would be more interested in the factory class as I am just starting out, does anyone have any information on what the gun (weight and caliber) and optics restrictions are for this? Or any other information for that matter. I tried calling them but the fella I spoke with seemed to be in a hurry so I may just have to stop in. I currently visit Kenmore frequently for shooting my hunting rifles, bow and pistol so I am familar with the complex.

    A final question, what sort of group should I be shooting at 200/300 yds to be at least a little competitive, I have no illusions on placing in the top 3 or anything like that, just curious to know what a respective grouping would be in this type of competition.

    Mostly just looking to have some fun and keep myself busy, I reload so cost of ammo isnt really a big concern.

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    Kenmore benchrest is a blast. Please contact me and I will put you in touch with the match director.
    Most of the custom class guns must meet IBS heavy rules, 3" forearm, 13.5 lb weight, unlimited optics.
    Most are 6ppc. The factory class is a way to get started in competitive shooting. Bring what you have, your varmint rifle or hunting rifle, shoot from a rest or bipod. Caliber is not specific, but we shoot quite a few rounds. If you have a 300 win mag with a sporter weight barrel, things might get interesting after a few rounds. I would recommend a light recoiling caliber like a 223 or 6BR heavy barrel bolt action rifle.
    @300 yards you need to shoot 1.5" groups to stay inside the 10 ring. and 1" @ 200 yards. The targets are Hunter class / Varmint for score. That means best edge scoring. A 30 br can have an edge over a 6ppc because of the larger bullet diameter.
    There is also time given between matches to reload, this gives the scorer time to score and post targets also.
    you can also reach me at

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