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    Now that I don't feel like buying any guns, I have been going crazy on the next best thing. Knives. Here is my newbie that I came accross this weekend...
    The Benchmade Hunt 15031-1. This is an awesome EDC blade if you don't mind a little more weight than some people. It is 3.5 oz. The problem I have with most of the Benchmade knives is that the full size are to big in pocket, and the mini's are to small in hand. Especially the mini-grip. The only one that isn't that way is the Presidio family. The mini-presidio is a great size, but it only comes in either: assisted or auto with the 154cm. The non-auto, non-assisted is 440, which isn't a steel I want. I was totally bummed when I found out that the mini-presidio did not come non-assisted with 154CM or S30V. Then I found this Hunt series knife. WOW, is it great. Though it is not as light as the mini-presidio, overall I like it more.
    I do hunt, and see where this would be a great skinning knife, but I don't use folders for that. To hard to clean. Even with a flow through design like this it is hard to clean. And these liners are skeletonized. To me that makes this an EDC knife with a great thick blade design. Perfect for some hard use stuff. This will be the last knife I purchase quite some time. (Unless I come across a deal to good to beat her on the classifieds, but that goes without saying.)
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