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    A co-worker and I stopped by the Benchmade Factory Store in Oregon City today on our lunch break.

    Very good experience! The lady there was very helpful in opening the glass cases letting us hold the different knives or to look to see if they had a knife in a certain design, etc... They had a case of the Benchmade Red-Series which are made in China... they are cheaper - but not Oregon made. We told her that we would only buy Oregon made Benchmades and she was glad to hear that.

    My co-worker is from WA, so he is a bit restricted when it comes to the Benchmade autos - sucks to be him :cool:

    Only downside is the price... Dan-Dee Sales down in Sweet Home has better prices listed on THIS thread, but it is nice to be able to try out all the different knives in one location. (and it is only 10 minutes from the office, so a lot closer than driving to Sweet Home or some other place)

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