Beltfeds stolen!

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    Rifle case approx. 55”x 6” closed. Black plastic with foam interior. Each end latch, top end handle, bottom end two rollers. Long side handle in middle 4-5 latches. Heavy.

    Home built 1917A1 semi-automatic reproduction, parkerized receiver, olive drab green water jacket. Reproduction markings (stamping) on right side plate, aluminum pistol grip, black rubber stopper on chain at muzzle end. Chambered 7.62Nato (.308cal). No serial number

    Home built 1919A4 semi-automatic reproduction, parkerized throughout, stenciled caliber on top cover in yellow. Serial number stamped on bottom plate AK002ORF. Chamber converted to 7.62x54R.

    If seen, please report to Marysville PD case #10-02935

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