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------------------PROPERTY FOR SALE---------------------
I just move in........have extra parcels for sale.....Sarteneja / Corozal
Total 21 acres
Parcel 1 and 3 are sold. Parcel # 5 pending ==== 4 more parcels available --------
Parcel # 2 -- 1 acre - $6,000.00 ( or $1000 down with owner contract )
$1000 will be the down payment for total of $6000 set as price for the 2 acres.
OWNER CONTRACT -- no interest === 12 payments of $500
Parcel is located 1 mile from the beach
Power on the road, water - great investment.

During the transaction we will be working with attorneys from Belize / website below

It will cost about $500US dollars for all the property transfer and documents all could be done
by ( Certified mail and notary signature )
1 or 2 acre parcels 1 mile from the beach - great investment - only 15K cash get you all.
All privately own - all with certs and deeds.
Power on the road.

From its secluded beaches to its steamy rain forests, Belize is a country of diverse natural beauty. Its slow pace of life makes it a popular tourist destination, and cost of living is still low. For the more adventurous traveler, activities can include a trek into the jungle in search of Mayan ruins, spotting parrots, toucans, and maybe even a jaguar along the way.

It's true that Belize is no longer the most affordable place to buy property, but this country has other benefits: economic stability, a stress-free lifestyle, and a cost of living that is good value when compared with the U.S. (or even other Caribbean destinations).

Why Belize?

It is still undeveloped and sparsely populated so there's a lot of room (on the beaches, in the jungle, in the rain forests. . .) for you to stretch out, and there are only three highways traversing the country (one goes north, one goes south, one goes west).

Tourism here is booming. A dozen years ago, the planes from Miami to Belize City were full of Belizeans returning home from their visits to the States. Today, they are full of Americans. We asked one reader why she was moving to Belize: "The simple answer is quality of life--we're looking to improve ours. In Belize, we know our lives will be blissfully free from the commuter crush, 24-hour news, workaday stress. . .Belize is a land of few cars, abundant fresh food from the sea and the trees, and great natural beauty," she said.

What makes Belize such a popular destination? They speak English. If you don't enjoy the idea of learning a new language but still want a place in the sun, then Belize is the place for you.

Any questions - just email or PM me. ******************************************


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Being an expat isn't in our retirement plans, but realizing plans are subject to change:

What are firearms regulations like for foreigners down there? Is it different for land owners, visitors & those interested in dual citizenship (if dual is even possible for US born citizens).

Just curious...thanks!
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Here is a C&P from website # 1

Gun Ownership In Belize

In Belize are different laws and customs here. The information I found online was that there are 2 types of gun licenses in Belize. One for hunting, and the other for protection. Never satisfied with someone else's interpretation of the law, I went ahead and found the Firearms Act of Belize. It actually provides four types of licenses, each with different yearly fees. They are as follows:

Special Protection License- $75 for citizens/ $500 for non-citizens
Gun Repair License- $200 for citizens/ $500 for non-citizens
Sport Hunters License- $150 for citizens/ $250 for non-citizens
Farmers Gun License- $5 for citizens/ $250 for non-citizens
The following are the provisions (as far as I can tell from reading the Firearms Act) as to what type of guns are COMPLETELY PROHIBITED throughout Belize:
(a) rifle of 7.62 or higher caliber;
(b) revolver of .44 or higher caliber;
(c) magnum revolver of .357 caliber;
(d) sawed-off shotgun of any caliber;
(e) machine gun of any caliber.

So...I guess my favorite Smith and Wesson .32 Five Screw, would have been OK? T
he tough part would have been bringing it into the country. Upon entry, all firearms are to be turned over to the police for a period not exceeding 30 days. That is to allow the owner to secure his proper permit and to assure the government that the gun itself meets the requirements of the law. (Again...this is my interpretation of the actual law, I'm not a lawyer. If someone would like to read where I got this information).

All above is just a C&P # 1
All below is C&P from another website ( # 2 )

Yes, you can have guns in Belize. You can have a personal protection gun and a shotgun for farm use. My husband and I both carry personal protection guns. Small ones that fit into your boot or on your belt but others carry larger pistols like the Glock. You could also carry them in a purse or put them in the glove box of your vehicle. You have to have your permit to carry with you at all times. There is a fee every year to keep your permit current. Ammunition is not licensed but you have to show a license to purchase it and the quantity is limited.

If you bring guns in from the states they will be left at the airport until you obtain permits and then you can pick them up. Sometimes it can take a period of months to accomplish this. I think it is far better if you are going to buy the gun to buy it here. They will help you get your paperwork together and tell you what to do.

Since I sell real estate I travel around a bit and have strangers in my vehicle but I have never felt the need to use the gun. The only time I have ever used it is to do practice rounds on my property.

I hope this help
bush pilot
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20161216_141737.jpg 20161216_141737.jpg Still available....
Sale or trade.
Also 5 bedroom house for sale, rent or lease with option to buy.
Owner contract
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Most ".44" caliber handguns are actual .429"

I wonder if they take that into account
I don't think they will. Basically a generic term to keep you from owning a .44 magnum or .44 special.
But yeah, I am not a lawyer.

OP, you have some nice land for sale. Being an ex-pat might be in my future, who knows
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