Beginner Firearm Training Near Portland, OR?

Discussion in 'Education & Training' started by endless_edge, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. endless_edge

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    Does anyone know of any good ranges to get some basic firearm training in Portland or near there for a decent price? I was hoping to do a day class for pistols, but open to rifle training as well.

    I don't own a firearm so they place would have to allow rentals too.

  2. bolus

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    My wife and I did our very first handgun class with Ryan Hatch. I thought it was excellent. It was very focused for a absolute beginner as well. So when you went to the range it was very low stress. Load one round in the magazine, load magazine, fire round, unload mag, load 2 rounds, etc. All with the instructor standing at your side.

    The place to shoot has about ~20 rental guns. But if you go just to shoot they dont do instruction. But it is a good place to try out several types of guns.

    They dont allow someone to come in by themselves and rent a gun though (because of people who have done this to shoot themselves). You have to go with someone or bring your own gun if you are alone

    They have classes but I have not done them.
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  3. Ironbar

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    Dear EE,

    I don't know about pistol training, but for basic rifle marksmanship there's no better training than Project Appleseed.

    There's an Appleseed weekend coming up next month (16th & 17th) in Dundee, OR which is roughly 30 min. south of Portland down 99W. It will be at the Chehalem Valley Sportsman's Club. Forum member Kimber Custom is the regional coordinator for Appleseed in this area and may be able to hook you up with a loaner rifle. You'd of course need to bring your own .22 ammo. Here's the link to the current schedule for Oregon events:

    From there you can click on links for more information about the event, and to register for it. If you are interested in attending the event in Dundee then I'd suggest signing up for it sooner than later. All the ones I've been to there have sold out. I'll be signing up to volunteer at that event so I hope to see you! (Same goes for anyone else!).

    P.S. Dundee is a .22 rimfire only shoot.

    P.S.S There's a Groupon deal going on right now! Get in on it quick!
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  4. PaulB47

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    I don't think indoor shooting ranges are good places for newbies. Talk about an obnoxious environment, guaranteed to turn people off!

    Most people know others who shoot; you surely know some such. Just ask! Many of them will be happy to take you out somewhere in the woods. Even a neighbor with an NRA sticker on his bumper will often work for this.

    Another option is "do it yourself". Guns are simple tools, particularly when you stick with revolvers, as you should when starting out. Learn Cooper's 4 rules of gun handling backward and forward, buy a .22LR double-action revolver, and go out and have fun. It's not brain surgery. Just read, that's what the internet is for!

    Hell, if you want I will take you to a gun store to help you buy, so you don't make mistakes. Just PM me.
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  5. Dreams of Steel

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    Threat Dynamics in Sherwood is a great place for pistol training. They use full immersion simulators (very large screens with an array of projectors and sensors) along with Glock pistols modified to use cO2 cartridges (for slide / blow back operation and trigger reset) and no live rounds. It is a great way to become familiar with grip, stance, trigger control, target acquisition and accuracy without the "live fire" aspect. When you are ready, they also have a live fire range and have rental guns available. I have taken 2 classes there and both have been extremely beneficial. It's not the cheapest place to shoot, but it's been worth every penny I've spent there.
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  6. Ken Todd

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  7. CHLChris

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    Here is another vote for the Clackamas PSTC! The range is extremely clean and safe and the staff is super helpful. They have classes that are easy to take and very local.
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  8. Pdx2seatac

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    Definitely go with Clackamas pstc. In the all day begginner course you'll leave feeling more than comfortable and competent with a handgun.
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  9. Joe13

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    Lots of non gun folks do not know people with guns.

    I know zero hunters outside of the ones I've met here and online other places.

    Personally, if you know Jack about guns then absolutely get a class in first.

    If you know enough to function the gun without putting your eye out or killing yourself - a day in the woods can be much more rewarding and less stressful. That's how I learned as a kid and can't think of a better way to go.
  10. SKN

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    Gabe White is the senior instructor at PSTC and he is an excellent one. His personal skills have been honed by his substantial training background, and competition at the highest levels to the point of national recognition. I recommend looking at his YouTube vids (OrigamiAK) to see this for yourself. His communications ability and style as an instructor are just as outstanding.
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  11. AhRn maN

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    Yet another vote for Clackamas PSTC. Extremely helpful, friendly staff, a first-class range run by the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office, and courses are reasonably priced. I've taken three classes there, all were excellent - last one also with Gabe White, who's both very personable and extremely skilled. Google their website and download their training brochure for course descriptions.

    They do provide a firearm, ears, and eyes at no additional charge for their "PST 101" all day class if you request it ahead of time. Call and ask them for details.

    A good selection of rental handguns are available to try out on the range as well, though you have to bring a "working firearm" (it can be anything, even your granddad's old shotgun) to rent a firearm during normal range use. Only downside is that you have to shoot their ammo, which is not unreasonable, but a little pricey.
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  12. Mikej

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    The OP of this thread hasn't been reading since the day after the original post, April 1st.

    Bummer when people do that. If they ever come back I would say the PSTC programs are top notch. Wifey did the 8hr 101 class and it made a world of difference.
  13. Compa49

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    I had asked about trainers in the Portland area on another forum. Then I came here to ask and see this thread. So it looks like PSTC is the place to go. I am looking for something beyond a beginner course. I will look to see what they have. I need to work on my technique and accuracy.

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