Because Smith & Wesson has yet to make an M&P mid size...

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by mkwerx, May 21, 2014.

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    The wife just bought the next best thing - the SD9VE. It's the latest in the lineage of the Sigma line - and this one doesn't suck. They refined the trigger, the styling, and the quality and came up with a gun that runs between $300 and $350 new.

    It doesn't have the fit & finish of the M&P, but it's $100 less.

    It doesn't have multiple back straps of the M&P, but it's $100 less.

    It doesn't have as light of a trigger of the M&P - but it's great grand daddy was the Sigma, known for nearly unusable triggers. Wife's version is breaking at about 7lbs - and isn't gritty. It feels just like the trigger on a Kahr. And it's $100 less than an M&P.

    For a gun the same size as my Glock 19 - it holds one more round in the stainless magazines.

    Sights give a good picture out of the box, especially for plastic sights. They do use the same dovetails as M&P sights - thus making replacements a snap to find if she wants (she likes the factory sights though).

    We found that it will fit most M&P holsters and has the same general lines of the M&P series. Oddly - this newest "Sigma" weighs less, loaded, than my M&P Compact does. I think that's because the baby M&P has more metal in the slide. Overall profile of the slide is similar to the M&P, they seem to use the same extractors and roll pins.

    Very cool little pistol for the money. It's a natural pointer and very comfortable to hold. If it shoots like it feels, I might pick a 2nd one up and shelve my Glock as my EDC pistol until Smith gives into my pleading and makes an M&P in this size (it's right smack dab in the middle between the full size and compact 9mm M&Ps)

    Can't wait to get out and shoot it now.
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    They are good guns, VERY under-rated in my opinion. I had one, then sold it to fund another project but I kinda wish I had kept it. I can buy another one easily though at that price point. Definitely a natural pointer, I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks so!
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    I owned an SD40VE and sold it to get another gun, but ended up wishing I hadn't sold it. I really liked it. It's definitely underrated pistol, and well worth the price. I would have no problem trusting one as a self-defense gun. I'm planning to add one back into my collection again.
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    Bought my sigma used for $250 in 2001. It was my first EDC so i could leave my $700 sig p228 at home so not to get beat up. Still have it (have the 228 as well)and many have shot it. Have over a dozen handguns now and all are worth more. But not all of them shoot as well. Sold my xds .45 after the the recall fixed the trigger. Carry a 227 now. IMHO, the sigma is a better shooter/edc/pistol than that xds which is most of why the xds is no longer mine yet the sigma 9mm is.
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    I like low cost carry guns.
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    They use the same steel to make the SD9VE and M&P slide. They are wonderful guns for the price.

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