Beautiful Spanish Air Force WWII Issue Star S in .380

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    Gun is as issued in excellent condition with only age related handling marks. Not reconditioned. Original box marked with Spanish Air Force cartouche. Three mags. Slide and frame marked with Spanish Air Force cartouche. Number's match. Does have import stamp. Excellent shooter. Very accurate and fun to shoot. Feels great in the hand unlike the current generations of pocket pistols. Looks and feels like a small 1911. Also included is a as new Hume belt slide and mag carrier and several boxes of ammo.
    I am interested in trading for a quality 1911 45acp clone in similar condition. Must be Colt parts compliant. Open to offers, but would most likely keep this cool little gun if I can't swap for a 1911.
    Please respond with offers or picture requests by PM only. Thanks

    DSC03825 (280x210).jpg

    DSC03836 (280x210).jpg

    DSC03837 (280x210).jpg

    DSC03833 (280x210).jpg

    DSC03835 (280x210).jpg
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