Bear hunter charged in Marine's shooting death

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    Bear hunter charged in Marine's shooting death
    Bear hunter charged in Marine's shooting death | Local & Regional News for Eugene, Springfield Oregon | Eugene News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News | KVAL CBS 13

    SALEM, Ore. - A bear hunter who shot a Marine dead in the mountains near Silver Creek Falls State Park now faces one count of criminally negligent homicide.

    The Marion County Grand Jury convened to review the investigation of the Oct. 25 shooting death of Christopher Ochoa on Monday.

    The Grand Jury indicted Eugene Irvin Collier, 67, of Turner, Ore., on one count of Criminally Negligent Homicide.

    According to Oregon Revised Statute, "A person commits the crime of criminally negligent homicide when, with criminal negligence, the person causes the death of another person."

    Investigators said Ochoa was a Marine Corps Reservist from French Camp, Calif., who was due back for active duty the same day.

    Ochoa and Raymond Westrom, 53, of Lathrop, Calif., were hiking in a field headed for Silver Creek Falls.

    Both men wore dark clothing.

    Collier was hunting with his 12-year-old grandson.

    Below are press releases from Marion County on the case
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    I think that is the appropriate charge for this case.....

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