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All right what is your choice for a nice BBQ gun.

One you have, or would like to have.

I'm simple, loaded springer for me.

or a high end wilson combat.

My Moms custom series 70 with real Ivory grips would be up their though for BBQ gun.

What you got/want?
A show piece. Flashy and fancy. Something to go with the suit one might wear to church or a wedding or, a texas style BBQ. Different styles of course from person to person. Here is one definition I found...

"Lawdog over on THR defined both a BBQ gun and a "court gun".
Here is his definition, which I think is very good.

A BBQ gun, in West Texas, is either a Smith & Wesson ( ) .357, or a Colt Single Action Army (or variant) It should be nickle or stainless, and have not less than 3/4 engraving. Blued screws and a fancy grip are also necessary. Ivory or stag are best. Have the ivory screimshawed with a tasteful little pattern. A scene from the Battle of the Alamo is always a crowd pleaser.

Of course, the BBQ gun shold be carried in a hand-tooled leather holster, mounted on a fancy leather belt. The best fancy belts are made by the inmates of the Texas Dept of Criminal Justice. (Inexpensive, too.) Your name should not be on the back of the belt, but elaborate scrolled flowers should run rampant.

The buckle should be ranger-style, and two-tone (gold and silver), with classical, understated (well, understated for Texas) engraving.

No BBQ outfit is really complete without hand-made boots made from the hide of a critter that is guaranteed to send your local PETA petter into orbit. Pressed jeans and a long-sleeved western shirt with a bolo tie, and a black Stetson complete the ensemble. The bolo tie should have a chunk of rock slightly larger than a baby's fist and the Stetson should have a hat band made from the cousin of the critter on your feet.

A 'court gun' is the pistol you wear during your official-type duties at court, or when testifying.

Ideally it should be a Colt Gummint-model-type handgun, or a Browning Hi-Power, although any self-loading pistol constructed of actual metal and having replaceable grips can become a 'court gun', given a little loving attention.

Your intended 'court gun' should be nickled or blued, although stainless steel will work in a pinch.

Send it off to a reputable engraver and have an engraving job done on it. Not too ostentatious, though. Nothing more than 3/4.

Have the screws, safety lever(s), and slide release button(s) hot-blued to a nice electric blue colour.

Now, here's the important part: the grips. The newer kids out there are having grips made of stag, burlwood and exotic woods put on their 'court guns'.

This simply will not do. Stag, burlwood and the like are all very well for your carry gun, and can suffice for a 'BBQ gun', but are just Not Done on a well-executed 'court gun'.

Ivory, or something similar in appearance, which can either be scimshawed or engraved is the grip of choice for a 'court gun'.

Of the two techniques, scrimshaw is the one most used in these parts. Both grip panels, by-the-by. No cheating.

Your choice of art-work is boundless. Some variation on the Mt. Suribachi scene is good, the Alamo is always popular, as is any respectful version of the American or Texas flag, and of course, a tasteful rendition of a young lady is a timeless staple.

Now that you have a proper 'court gun' some thought must be given to supplying a proper holster.

Kydex is out. Nylon is out, verboten, nopenoway.

The only stuff good enough for a 'court gun' is leather. Ranger buckles and engraving - not basket-weave, and for God's sake, don't have your name engraved on the back. That's just...just...tacky.

And a bare minimum of accessories. Not much more than one mag pouch, open-topped preferable, should do it.

Voila! Court gun."

does that help?

Or just a huge arsed BBQ in the shape of a gun.
Like these ??? ;)


Heh, who was that guy (I think it was on this forum) with the 1911 with no front sight?

A show piece. Flashy and fancy. Something to go with the suit one might wear to church or a wedding or, a texas style BBQ. Different styles of course from person to person. Here is one definition I found...

So... no sig p229r with a threaded barrel, extended magazine, and a surefire x300 light in a kydex holster then? :<
Hmmm, never really thought about a fancy gun. Unfortunately, the two biggest ideas I have are mutually exclusive... Colt-pattern Lightweight Commander and case colors. Don't think the combo would work. How about a high-polish blue High Power? Novak sights, smooth African Blackwood grips, or maybe Cocobolo. Gone over by one of the masters of M35s, Cylinder and Slide or Novak himself. Not a big fan of engraving on anything but SxS shotguns, but a little English scroll, about 25&#37; coverage, might be OK.
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