Battle rifles?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by Medic!, Aug 13, 2012.

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    We all could use a .308/7.62 battle rifle. And we own a bunch of them!
    They can fight and hunt. The FAL is a good one. So is the KH91. I keep selling my M1A's. They feels light duty compaired to the other two. But they are nice.
    The problem I worry about for the 7.62 rifle is geting cheep ammo. If 90 countries stoped using the FAL and about the same stoped using the G3 as their main battle rifle. Wont there will be a lot less 7.62/.308 ammo on the market? I think the future of ammo is going 5.56. That's why I put a little ammo away for these guns. They are such beautiful rifles. Even if history is leaving them behind.
    So what's the future of surplus 7.62x51? Are we going to see more surplus ammo like South-african or DAG? Or are the suplies finaly going away for good? I also wonder about a Lake City 55 grain 5.56 ammo. The military can't have many 1/12'' barrels to feed? Is the XM193 we buy over runs? Or dose federal make this just for our civilian use? Even if I have a lifetimes worth. I worry about future black rifle owners.
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    I was worried to, then I found my FAL likes reloads.

    I think the 5.56 will be going away in a few years....

    I am sure the future surplus of 7.62 will be dried up inna few brass and bullets while you still can.
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    So far all my .308s like cheap practice ammo (brown bear and wolf) I save all my good brass ammo for a rainy day and hunting.

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