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    As new, full factory L.M.T in 308. This rifle was tested by the British and was adopted for their tactical sniper teams.
    The barrel can be replaced in about one minute in the field. The idea is to use the shorter barrel to get to the sniping position and then change to the long sniper barrel.
    Features a monolithic upper, boron treated carrier and bolt, ambi safety and mag release, sopmod stock,removable flip up sights, Pre set torque wrench for quick barrel changes. Incredible two stage trigger, and around 15 p-mags.
    Made in the USA by Lewis Machine Tool. About 50 rounds fired for testing. $8000

    In a few days, not weeks, the stroke of a pen in D.C. will, in all likelyhood, ban the transfer of these p-mags. There is also a very good chance that the private transfer of firearms will very soon have to be recorded at the local sherrif's office. This is especially true of my rifle.
    I am not a dealer. This is a private sale that will comform to all current laws. I hope to sell this beautyfull rifle to
    someone that appreciates the value of it Right Now, and knows how to use it. I urge Everyone to finalize their plans for equiptment purchases Very Soon.
    The Clock is Ticking
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