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Discussion in 'Knives & Other Discussion' started by 4570 Enfield, Aug 14, 2012.

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    what are the laws for carrying adjustable steel batons in Oregon if any.Is it open carry possible or conceal carry
  2. TDH

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    I was getting a form 4 signed one time in Washington County, so I asked the Commander if it was ok if I carried a collaspible baton while I was walking my dog :) He looked through the ORS while I was sitting there and said that he couldn't find anything in there saying I couldn't. Of course I didn't think about following up my question with, can I keep it in my pocket.

    Hopefully someone know, I do carry one in my work bag since we aren't allowed to carry.
  3. Sgt Nambu

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    Years ago I had just purchased an ASP "Tonya Knocker" and called the desk sgt at the S.E. precinct and he told me that I could carry it but couldn't conceal it. I keep it in my PU with a few inches in clear view.
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    By not concealing it, does that fall under same rules as if it is on your belt it is not concealed?
  5. mkwerx

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    Saps/blackjacks/etc aren't legal to carry concealed in Oregon. The collapsible baton is a compromise weapon - when not used it's handy and relatively unobtrusive to be carried on a belt. It doesn't have the same hitting power as say, a 3 foot length of polished cocobolo or walnut - but it does have a bit of intimidation factor for it. Most criminally inclined types are familiar with their deployment, and there is something to the "snick" sound the baton makes upon opening that says "a can of whupass is about to be opened on me" that they know. They might still fight, but they know that if they do, they're going to hurt for it.

    It's like carrying a handgun, when a much better fight-stopper would be a shotgun or rifle. Rifles and shotguns aren't easy to carry, and they scare the pant-wetting crowd. So, for someone who wants to carry an impact weapon legally - they can turn to an ASP type baton. Not as great as a straight stick, black jack, or bo staff, but it'll get a job done when one needs doing. And it's small enough and unobtrusive enough that it won't scare most people.

    Would be great if Oregon's laws regarding carrying "dangerous" weapons weren't so damn backward. We can carry a gun open or concealed, but can only carry dangerous weapons openly, if that.
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    Although not specifically mentioned, an ASP style baton would fall into the category of "similar instrument" given the characteristics. Nunchucks are illegal to carry concealed, I wouldn't test it with a collapsible baton if I were you. Secondly, why not carry a 4 or 5 "D" cell maglight? I'd sooner hit someone with that as opposed to a baton. The weight is what does the damage - those batons are kind of light and will bend if you hit something hard enough with them.

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