BATEX soft body armor.

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    -Police surplus body armor, imported from Germany. The condition of this Level IIIA Kevlar vests is excellent/like new. This bullet resistant vest is one of the most advanced bullet proof vests ever designed. Made in Germany with German level engineering.

    -Protective Classification: SK-1 (German Equivalent to NIJ Level IIIA)

    -This used body armor was made in Germany by BATEX Technische Textilien GmBH. BATEX is recognized as the European leader in manufacturing protective vests. BATEX has been awarded ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 9001:2008 status from their demonstrated commitment to quality. German forces such as Bundespolizei and their elite GSG-9 units are just some forces who wear and trust BATEX protective vests. The size of this vest is XXL and it is expired because it’s past the factory date, but you would never know by just looking at it, and I would wear this vest without a doubt. I have worn this vest less than 10 times and it is very comforting to know that I have some protection from gun shots and or stabbings. You can wear it as a bullet resistant vest, you can wear it as a stab resistant vest, or if you want you can put on all four (4) panels and have both bullet and stab resistant capabilities. I am 6’2” and 311 lbs. and my measurements at the naval level is at 54 inches and at the nipple line it is 51 inches and this vest is a little big for me and that is the reason why I am selling it.

    In conclusion, you will get two (2) soft body armor panels made out of Kevlar, two (2) soft/flexible stab resistant panels, one (1) soft armor carrier (vest) with two pockets on each side (color tan), one green carry case (used to keep the vest in for transportation when not being used). I am asking for $230.00 cash for this vest. I live in Beaverton and I am willing to meet up half way, but at this time my only source of transportation is public transportation so please keep that in mind, thanks for looking.

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