Barrel threading project on Springfield SAR-3/8

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by IronMonster, Feb 19, 2015.

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    I have had this thing a long time, I am actually pretty sure I bought it new ( my memory is not as good as it once was) It would have been right about 20 years ago, right as the AWB was coming into existence.

    This is one of the only SAR-3/8's that I ever saw that did not have a flash hider. I assume that at the tail end of the Actual SAR-3's (when they overstamped 8) they had some left over that they chopped off the flash hider so they could sell them with a thumb hole stock (which this had new) after the deadline in 94.

    Anyway I have never liked that it did not have a flash hider. Not that not having it has ever been a problem, just that it should have one. The actual HK flash hider would not be an easy thing to replace and putting a 51T mount on it seemed like the right thing.

    So here it is. I gotta admit I was a little scart. This is the only rifle that I have had for 20 years, there is nothing else in my collection that Ive held on to as long. Its not super valuable but its probably worth $1500 and my guess is it would be worth a whole lot less with a buggered barrel but that was not really my fear, My fear was I would bugger up a friend. I actually would have just paid someone to thread it if there was someone around I trusted and had a working relationship with. I just have a fear of handing off something that is sentimental and getting back a bubba'd job.

    It went super smooth though, Whole thing took less than 15 minutes being super careful. I used a $7 thread alignment gizmo from CNC warrior and a Polish made adjustable die I bought on eBay. Total cost for the threading kit was less than $35 (I had the die handle)





    Im pretty stoked. In hind sight I probably should have spent some time to clock the tines of the flash hider. I just left them where they tightened up. There is no shoulder, the barrel was just barely big enough to get 9/16-24RH threads so I just put on a heavy coat of high temp locktite and spun her down. I think its gonna be just fine.

    The can is a airsoft fake, I picked it up because I thought someday I would build a form 1 suppressor and it would make a good start. I gave up on that plan and am just going to buy one that is good to go. Hopefully a trust is my next adventure.:)
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    Well done!

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