Barrel Marking-Oly Area; Stamp engrave or etch

Discussion in 'Maintenance & Gunsmithing' started by Xaevian, May 12, 2016.

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    I recently installed a new 7x57 barrel on a Savage 110. I would like to have the caliber marked on it at the minimum, though the twist rate, manufacturer, and barrel length (in that order of preference) would be nice. I would be fine with traditional stamps (that look good-I have a stamp set and can do a third-grader impression fine by myself if I wanted to be ultra-cheap:)), electro or laser etching, or engraving. Anyone in the area know where or can do this work? I would prefer a member or member-referred place. If not, I suppose I could make a (long) trip south to the nwcustom guys in Vancouver if i had to, but since I work 60 hours/week I would prefer a little closer. Well, my wife would make me take her to Joe's Crab Shack if I went down there I suppose, so I would get no complaints from her, but that would be an added expense on top of the 250 miles round trip. Thanks!
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    Wow lol that would be quite the drive but not the longest someone has come to us for engraving.

    I thought there was someone up North near Seattle that also did engraving but unfortunately I do not have a name for you. You can also ship it but with shipping costs and possible transfer costs from an FFL up there it might not be worthwhile... especially if your wife wants to go to Joes lol Message me if you think you might end up coming down, that way we can set up a time to get you on the schedule so we can do the job while you are here in town and save you a second trip.

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