Baretta clone/ Taurus p25 caliber tip up barrell used little trade for deringer or $

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    Baretta clone/like Tomcat though 25 caliber with 100 rds, 20 defensive rds ammo.Taurus 25 caliber tipup barrell, 10 round capacity with one in the chamber. Has thumb slide safety and is single or double action semi-auto.

    It is a very nice gun in good shape, and shoots good for such a small barrell. With the hot, more sofisticated stopping rounds now available even a 25 cal pistol can stop nearly anyone. A 25 caliber Fed Prem. hydroshock or a Gold Dot hollow point Personal Defence out of even a short barrell is pretty effective.

    Anyways, I am looking for a trade for 32 ACP or 22LR caliber derringer. I am a disabled 62 year old vet. If you have no gun, this is at least a decent house protector and easy pocket carry. I have had it for several years and is fun to shoot for you or the wife
    It looks like it has been fired very little. It is a fun little loud gun. Will take $225.00 cash Attached Thumbnails
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