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That's good. We would not want such a despicable corrupt bank that sold 650 billion in mortgage backed securities and had no one go to jail for destroying so many lives in the financial crisis to work with any reputable firearm companies.
I quit Bank of America 19 years ago when they refused to give me a loan on the raw property I now live on, while at the same time encouraging illegals to apply for home loans.
They need to change their name because American doesn't belong in it!!! Bank of Globalists would be more like it.
Their original name was "Bank of Italy," because at their founding they were targeting an Italian-American market no other bank wanted. Maybe they should rename to "Banco Mussolini"...
How about Boeing Employee's Credit Union and US Bank? Anyone know where they stand? I've been with BofA for quite a while, from back when it was Seafirst Bank, and I'm long overdue to get out.
BECU's been quiet on the gun front and I've been watching... their nuisance is they act more and more like damn Banksters every day.

I remember when they were for Boeing employees and their families, not just any Johnny and Jane who came through the door...
If people stood up to the banks when the housingarket crashed this wouldnt be happening.
They basically got the green lighto do what they will.Peole didnt blink an eye when insurance companies wrote their own law that forces people to buy insurance. Even after the wallstreet backed president bailed out the the banks, people still did nothing.
They are hand in hand with the banks and politicians.
The system is flawed and needs a major overhaul , like tear it down and rebuild it, overhaul. Kick every politician out and start a new. With term limits, salary caps, and drug testing every 6 months, politicians should make an average of what their constituents make, not write their own paychecks.
1) The Federal Banking Regulators should step on them (BAC).

2) Since when, is it RIGHT to discriminate? BAC may be a private company (yes, bailed out with taxpayer's money), But, gun manufacturers and gun related businesses are running "Legitimate Businesses". Unlike the Marijuana Businesses (which are not approved my the Feds).

Aloha, Mark
I have been using Columbia bank since they bought out the local Mt Rainier bank. I haven't heard anything negative yet.

I dropped Columbia and demanded they close ALL my accounts immediately. When they went to print my check I told them I wanted it in cash. They refused. I told them they took my cash, now I want my cash! I threatened to call the cops if they didn't give me my cash. Needless to say I walked out of there with a wad of cash.

*I wanted a home equity loan. Their flyers stated 3.9%. they kept telling me that it was 8.9%. when I handed them one of the flyers that they had in front of every teller, they tried telling that promo was over and the flyers needed to be removed and thrown away. The promo was still good for another 2 1/2 months. Still drug their feet. Wouldn't answer my phone calls. They made me sit in the lobby for 45-60 minutes at a time.

Phone calls to "the main office" got absolutely no results.

Columbia is as sleezy as they come as far as I'm concerned.
Wish I had an account there I could close. Maybe I'll open one up to just close it in a week to make a point.
Walked away from all of the Main Street banks over 10 years ago. They all literally stole money from me so I now use OnPoint and they have honestly been great to work with even when situations pop up.
When the banks went political I went to credit unions.
I believe in locally owned banks as well as other businesses. If your banks and businesses are owned by and run by people in New York you are just a colony of New York, shipping your money and jobs to new York, and subject to their dictates and values. I buy Oregon or northwest first, then west. I've been a customer of Citizen's Bank for 35 years. I love them. Full service with branches throughout Willamette Valley. During mortgage crisis, they sent to us patrons a reassuring little note in polite bankerese that I translated as "Those strange mortgages never made any sense to us. We don't have a dog in that race." Branches in Corvallis, albany, philomath, springfield, Harrisburg, Lebanon, Silverton, junction city, Salem, Tualatin, McMinnville, lake Oswego. Tellers are friendly and courteous. Someone on line got my debit card and ran it into the ground once. folks at Citizens sorted it out and reversed all the illegitimate charges. One day when the teller asked how I was, I said "Great! I just heard back that my latest book has been accepted and gone to copyediting." A few days later I got a card in the mail signed by everyone in that branch of the bank congratulating me about the new book making it through that important hurdle.

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