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Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by djgaloot, Aug 14, 2010.

  1. djgaloot

    djgaloot Oregon City Member

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    I am new to this forum and guns in general but have been learning a lot just reading and searching. I have a general question about rifle design. Is there much thought or effort given to a gun's balance? Is there a theoretical best balance point and if so, where is it? I have read some comments about lightening the butt or adding weight to the forearm so I am assuming that there must be a reason. Any insight or articles I can read about this?
  2. PinkhamR

    PinkhamR Altus, Oklahoma MSgt, USAF (Retired)-FFL Lifetime Supporter

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    That's what Bi Pods are for ... ;)
  3. Spitpatch

    Spitpatch Forest Grove, Oregon Well-Known Member

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    Generally, no.

    Shotguns are often the exception to this, especially trap and skeet competition shotguns. Most shotgun target shooters are very interested in the balance of the weapon, and will go to great lengths to modify it, or select a shotgun which has the "balance" to assist in rapid target aquisition, swinging the gun, and following through.

    Perhaps "weight distribution" is a better term for what they seek, since often the gun is desired to have more weight forward for this activity.

    Other than that, I cannot say that manufacturers spend a lot of time worrying about balance. Obviously, a hunting gun that is to be carried for long distances should have a "balance point" near the middle of the gun for less fatigue to the hunter.

    One poster mentioned bipods (perhaps tongue-in-cheek). Ironically, the very best way to destroy the carrying capability of a hunting rifle is to attach the weight of a bipod on the forearm, moving the balance point of the weapon to an untenable location for toting the gun in hand over long distances.