Baikal Makarov IJ-70 9x18 with extras- $300

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    Hello my Friends,

    I have a Baikal Makarov IJ-70 for sale. It is the Russian made commercial variant of the venerable Makarov PM handgun, which was used by the Eastern Bloc's forces after the Tokarev TT-33 was removed from service. The Mak here happens to be in good shape. While the bluing has some nicks and scrapes, it is still quite nice. It has been 100% reliable with both Full Metal Jackets and Jacketed Hollowpoints, and it's a straight shooter. 9x18 ammo remains plentiful and affordable. The Big Mak's ballistics fit in between the .380 and the 9mm Luger. While it's no Ivan Drago, it'll definitely give Rocky a good run for the money. As a defensive gun, the iMak will do its job just fine, and its job happens to be dropping enemies of the Motherland (Of course, now with a new adopted mother of course!). If decades of service doesn't impress you, there are more powerful loads available, rather than the basic standard pressure ammo. You can significantly increase the Baikal Bruiser's horsepower by using Buffalo Bore rounds. At 115 grains at 1100 fps, their +P 9x18 loads push the ballistic envelope to the max, reaching pretty close to 9mm Luger in power, making this Mak Daddy a dog with a bite worse than its bark.

    In addition to the pistol itself, this package comes with the original flap holster, three magazines, and 200 rounds of ammunition, consisting of a mixture of steel cased Silver Bear JHPs, and brass cased lead core FMJs. The brass ammo is indoor range safe, so you can perform your patriotic duty of practicing for the defense of your homeland. It also comes with a hollowed out copy of THE NINJA by Eric Van Lustbader, which, like it's namesake, will be perfectly hidden in plain sight on your bookshelf, provided that your shelf is comprised of only books made of PURE AWESOME. I've never even read this book before, I just saw it in a used book sale and thought the title was so awesome I had to have it. My enthusiasm swiftly dropped when I tried to actually read the book, and in order for this book to live up to my expectations of manly excellence, I hollowed it out and made it a book worthy of its kickass name, without any of the pesky details that detract from its awesomeness (like words or plot).

    The whole package for $300 in the Greater Seattle Area, and you must have a CPL and WA Driver's License. Thanks! If you have any other questions, feel free to PM me.

    Славься, Россия!

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    its been a while but do you still have this?
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    Is this for sale still?

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