WTS WA Badger Ordinance M40A3 USMC 30mm Scope Rings - Brand New, never mounted - Flawless

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    PM only for communication please. Prices listed are shipped and net to my account, any taxes, fees, stamps, etc are the responsibility of the buyer. Payment via Cash, USPS MO or PayPal (I will not take a gift payment). No trades wanted at all.

    I have these rings:


    They are brand new, touched only for receipt inspection and to take the pictures below. Of course the serial number match between the rings as they would if you bought them brand new from Badger. The specks you see on the parts are either dust or oil, they have never had anything outside of the factory done to them or with them. They are flawless.

    They also include the 30mm to 1" adapter rings as you would get if you bought brand new from Badger. Simply remove the reducer ring if you want to use a 30MM scope. This is how Badger ships them, and therefore how I will ship them out.

    Only reason for the sale is that I am getting out of a lot of my guns and this will never be used by me.

    I want to get $160 shipped to your door. These retail for between $190 and $210 online and don't come up for sale too often. The quality is outstanding!

    Please no trade or lowball offers. I am not in a huge rush to sell, but I'm open to reasonable offers from members here with good feedback.



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