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Background Check Follow the Money

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by Rathunter, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. Rathunter

    Rathunter Oregon City New Member

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    Is the creation of new improved background check system a way to protect the people or another avenue for government funding? Have the cost associated with the improved system of checks been identified? In Oregon the current background check fee is $10 dollars, what is the proposed increase if a federal requirement is added?

    The department of homeland security requires a Transportation Worker Identification Card (TWIC) that is a stringent background check that may take weeks to get approved and is a requirement for entry into certain facilities; it costs around $130 dollars and requires renewal.

    The TWIC card page from TSA Numbers:
    Enrolled: 2,411,520 x $130 = $313,497,600
    Issued: 2,218,330 x $130 = $288,382,900

    I’m also curious about what information, about me, the computer chip in the card contains?

    Without any numbers in front of me;
    How much money is spent on background checks at a local, state and federal level each year?
    If a federal mandated system is put in place will the cost be somewhere in the middle of the 10-130 dollar figure. Will current gun owners be grandfathered in or be required to submit to the check. Will it only happen during the sale of a firearm? Will private transactions require a check?

    Let’s add 100 million background checks to the system at $50 per check that’s another 5 billion for the government coffers.

    When it comes to it politicians; the real talk is money

  2. sneakboxer

    sneakboxer NW OR Active Member

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    Yes but, how much do we have to pay for the fat-cats that administer the system? When you add up wages, infrastructure, overhead, and pensions i'd bet we all lose in the long run. Sad...
  3. DMax

    DMax Yamhill Well-Known Member

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    The gov could share with ICE for over the border background checks. O wait that would be too effective and reduce both problems we can't reduce dem voter roles just real American's 2A rights
  4. Stomper

    Stomper Ungovernable! Become Ungovernable! Gold Supporter

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    What gauls me is, I'm more qualified/elegible for a Top Secret clearance than the scmucks in office runnin' the show!