Background check fee increase

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    Here is an email that I sent to the OSP i.d. unit.................Dear Mr. Yandell, I am writing to express my disbelief in the proposed background check fee increases. This is nothing less than an outrage. I pay taxes and believe that there is a shortage in funds for public services and vote for increases for the OSP and other services more often than not. There must be another way to increase revenue other than an increase in these checks which a lot of states do not even charge for. As for the fingerprint service why make the law abiding citizens even pay for these, over persons charged with a crime ? I believe that gun ownership is our right as law abiding, tax paying citizens as per our Constitution and hate to see our great State follow the path of California and other such States that try to choke out legal gun ownership with outrageous fees, taxes, restrictions and the like. Please let us continue to be the somewhat fair state for legal gun owners and find a way to keep our fees to a minimum. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Jon in Eugene.
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    good letter. another good tack will be to compare this to a sales tax, i.e. lower income people pay the most as a percent of their income and its therefore unfair. this is an argument that may sway some not moved by other arguments related to gun rights.

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