I recently purchased a older JLD enterprises .308 PTR-91 with a B&T low profile picatinny scope mount, I had to remove the rail to get to the serial # when I picked it up from my FFL. When I went to remount the rail I thread-locked the screws for the four brackets and seeing as it is steel screws/brackets going through an aluminum mount I set the screws to 40 in lbs of torque. Upon test firing/zeroing I noticed that my point of impact was shifting up to 12in at 100m . I checked the mount and I have around 1/32in of play in all direction. I was thinking about just taking the screws out, cleaning them up, and remounting the brackets with 65in lbs like I normally do for my steel scope bases and bedding blocks but I'm a little bit weary about putting that much torque on a aluminum mount. Does anyone have any opinions or know what the factory recommend amount of torque is for a B&T mount?:confused:

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