Azure Standard is really the only local (that I know of) bulk food company. When I say bulk, I am talking you can buy 1000s of pounds of wheat, beans, etc. and generally for a fair price.

The problem with them is they cannot actually tell you if something will ship when you order it. There is a fundamental flaw with their ordering process in that a) they cannot see if something is truly in stock and b) even if it is in stock when you order, there is no guarantee it will be in stock the day the shipping truck is scheduled to deliver it.

If something isn't in stock the day of delivery, then that item is canceled (without any notification to you) and you have to reorder, once again rolling the dice.

If that isn't bad enough, the last order of bulk organic corn we bought had a lot of rocks and black stem pieces and black kernels. It probably was just a bad bag, but honestly after not receiving half a dozen items over the last couple of orders, I am pretty much done with them and will no longer recommend them as a place to do business with.
Over the last several years, we've come to depend on Azure for many of our staples. The good part is that you can order large quantities to stock up, and the prices are usually pretty good.

You are right about the whole out-of-stock thing. It can be frustrating at times to order something repeatedly and have it not show up. I guess we've learned what items usually come, and which don't...

I have never ordered food from them so I can't give any input on that, but I live a couple blocks from the wharehouse and I can tell you they don't realy care about the comunity at all. They run equipment at all hours of the night, they make so much dust in the summer it is impossable for anyone to keep a clean house in this town, they build industrial structures without permits, the wharehouse is filthy inside & out, they are trying to build windmills for power on the property that would be 200 feet tall and are "only as loud as a refrigerator" to the entire town, they built a giant pond uphill from the town (no chance of disaster there!) they have caused twice the semi truck traffic they told us there would be, tore out the niegbors fences without asking and piled the remains on the nieghbors property(with a bulldozer), and many other lovely things. I think that they might have good Ideas and work ethic but so far they have been very lacking as neigbors.

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